Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

 Now featuring Scots in the Great War Living History Society.    

World War 2 stories

First Blood to 603 Sqdn

Spitfires over Dalkeith

603 Strike Again

Or did they, Archie McKellar 602 disagreed

Target for tonight-Berlin

Last flight for William Meek of Newtongrange

X Craft of Aberlady

The midget subs that attacked the Tirpitz.

Newbattle's secret shrine

What lies behind the organ at Newbattle?

Jap Midget Subs-Sydney

The attack on Sydney Harbour 1942,

Sinking of the Royal Oak

Acting Leading Stoker Joe White from Newtongrange was one of those to die.

Sinking of HMS Oswald

Submarine rammed by Italians in the Med, lost under unclear circumstances.

HMS Afridi in Norway

Bravery of Newtongrange man recognised.

Tragedy in Sth China Sea

Thomas Moffat from Newtongrange killed

HMY Rosabelle sunk

Hugh Whitehead from Newtongrange killed

Capt William Bonsor

Veteran of France and Dunkirk


German POWs on the run at Dalkeith

Bevin Boys

The underground army

Guests of the Emperor

Midlothian POWs in Japanese hands

Bairns in wartime

My dad recalls his boyhood in WW2 Nitten

Homecoming 1945

Heartache for some as POWs come home

George Noble 5 Para

Denied his place on war memorial

Lt John Herbert

Served in WW1 and WW2 died 1941

X-craft of Aberlady Bay

The men who attacked  the Tirpitz

Barrie Jones RN

Killed in accident Singapore 1946

Operation Driftwood


Life as a bairn in WW2

My dad's childhood memories

New Story

Watch this space

Jock Kerr from Woodburn talks about the attack on his ship, HMS Mohawk, in the Firth of Forth in October,1939. I used to work at Rowntree McIntosh, Edinburgh in the 1970s, Jock was a security man in the factory, quite a character, who could swear for Scotland. He loved his time in the Royal Navy, it's only recently I found out he was on the Mohawk and the existance of this audio, which I believe was recorded for STV. I have posted here as a tribute to Jock.