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Polish soldiers in the Burgh Court

So picture this, it's a Thursday night in Dalkeith and a young Polish squaddie,29 year old LCpl Stanislaw Robel, gets himself arrested by the Police for a breach of the peace at the chip shop in the High Street and off he goes the worst for wear to Dalkeith Police Station to appear in court in the morning.


So no big deal, well no, at least that is until Pte Jan Palaszweski , (21) turns up an hour later in a very intoxicated state with his Sten gun on him demanding the Police release his mate from custody. Understandably the Polis were not impressed and wouldn't let him in and when he put it down whilst remonstrating he was arrested.


It turns out he had no ammo for the weapon,but would you fancy facing up to a hot headed drunk soldier with a sub machine gun?


In court he stated he had no intention of using the weapon but merely felt annoyed his comrade had been arrested. The Justice of the Peace was no less than Provost Lean who "took a very dim view of the matter" and decided to fine Robel £1 after he admitted the charge and Palaszweski was fined £3 or 20 days in the jail. He was given 14 days to pay


He was probably saved from a stiffer sentence as it was March, 1944 and every man was needed in preperation for the invasion of Europe.