Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

 Now featuring Scots in the Great War Living History Society.    




I have literally thousands of Royal Scots photographs, many of which I have listed below, even this list is not complete, I have many more that have not been indexed. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have.

John Duncan - Newbattle at War

Surname Forename Rank Unit

Adam H S Private 5th

Adam W Private

Adam Gordon Private 9th

Adams James A W Second Lieutenant

Adams James Private 7th

Adams Thomas Private 7th

Adams J A Private 7th

Adams John B Corporal

Adamson T Private 5th

Affleck John Private

Affleck J Private

Affleck G Private 1st CH

Affleck W Sergeant

Ainsley J E Lieutenant 12th

Ainslie T Private 9th

Aitchison J D Second Lieutenant 5th

Aitchison J Private

Aitchison John Brebner Second Lieutenant 5th

Aitken D M Second Lieutenant

Aitken E W Private 5th

Aitken George M Private

Aitken T Private

Aitken D M Second Lieutenant

Aitken G Lance Corporal

Aitken G M Private 5th

Aitken Thomas Private

Aitken G M Lance Corporal

Aitken J Private 4th

Aitken John Private 4th

Aitken R Lance Corporal 9th BW

Aitken G M Private 5th

Aitken J Private 7th

Aitkenhead James Private

Aitkenson John Private

Alexander J L Private

Alexander J L Private

Alexander John Private

Alexander J S Private 6th

Alexander William Private 4th

Alexander John Private

Alexander J K Second Lieutenant

Allan William Sergeant 7th

Allan Philip B Lance Corporal 5th

Allan William Lance Corporal

Allan W A Second Lieutenant

Allan R W Lance Corporal 9th

Allan Walter Private 5th

Allan John Private 5th

Allan James Private

Allan W S W Private

Allan W F Private

Allan C F Lieutenant 4th

Allan John Lance Corporal

Allan W F Private

Allan James F Private 5th

Allan John M Private 5th

Allan T Private 7th

Allison S Corporal 7th

Alston J S Lance Corporal 9th

Amos T Private 5th

Amos Robert Private 5th

Anderson Peter Private

Anderson D Sergeant 5th

Anderson W F Private

Anderson W L Private

Anderson R QMS

Anderson D J Corporal

Anderson John Private

Anderson Harry Private

Anderson J Sergeant 7th

Anderson A Sergeant 5th

Anderson Alexander W Private 4th

Anderson Robert Private 2nd

Anderson R Private 8th

Anderson R Private 8th

Anderson W S Lance Corporal

Anderson George Private 5th

Anderson David Private

Anderson Douglas Sergeant 5th

Anderson Daniel Private

Anderson Charles Major

Anderson Harry Private

Anderson W S Lance Corporal

Anderson Daniel Private

Anderson John Private

Anderson James A Private

Anderson H Sergeant 1st

Anderson J B Lance Corporal 5th

Anderson J Private KOSB

Anderson G Private HLI

Anderson David Private 7th

Anderson J Private 4th

Andesron J Private

Andesron R D Private

Andesron R D Private

Angus William Corporal 8th

Angus William Sergeant VC

Angus William Corporal 8th

Angus Robert Lance Corporal 7th

Angus William Lance Corporal 8th

Angus William Corporal 8th

Angus William Lance Corporal 8th

Arbuckle James Corporal

Arbuckle J Corporal

Archer E T C Private 9th

Archibald William Private

Archibald William Private HLI

Archibald D Private

Archibald D S Corporal

Archibald A D Lance Corporal 5th

Archibald D Private

Archibald D Private 7th

Archman Thomas Lance Corporal

Argo L A L Sgt 5th

Armet J Sergeant 5th

Armit Napier Captain 16th

Armour Private 1st

Armour R Private 8th

Armour T D Private 3/5th

Armstrong James Corporal 9th

Arnot W Private 5th

Arnould Thomas Private 7th

Auchterlonie John Corporal

Auld J Private 6th / 4th

Auld John Private 7th

Auld James Corporal

Ayton R R Private 5th

Aytoun William Private

Baigrie J CSM

Bailie William Private

Baillie Andrew Private 7th

Bain Thomas A Private TMB

Bain Victor Corporal

Bain Edward Private

Bain J Private 12th

Bain W Private

Bain John F Private 5th

Baird R Private 3rd

Baird Robert Private

Baird David Lance Corporal

Baird D Private 5th

Baird K M Corporal

Baird W Sergeant 3rd

Baird K M Sergeant

Baird G Baird 5th

Baker A P Lieutenant 11th

Baker QMS 4th

Ballantyne A Private 5th

Ballantyne J Private 5th

Ballantyne J W Private 7th

Ballantyne Daniel Private 9th

Ballantyne A Private

Balloch W Private 6th / 4th

Bamberry R Private 5th

Banigan J K Private 5th

Banks William A Private

Banks R A Private

Banks William Private

Baptie J D Sergeant

Barclay M S Lieutenant

Barclay E Private

Barclay Robert L Private 5th

Barclay J W Corporal

Barclay Lance Corporal 5th

Barclay Archibald Gunner RFA

Barclay M S Lieutenant

Barker A W Private

Barnes D R Private 4th

Barr John F Private 9th

Barr James Private 2nd

Barr James C Private 2nd

Barr William Private

Barratt W Private 7th

Barrett F Private 5th

Barrett F Private 4th

Barrett William Private 7th

Barrie William Private

Bartie John Private

Batey R Private 7th

Bathgate James P Private SR

Bathy R Private 7th

Batten L F Private 7th

Baxter A S Private 7th

Baxter T M Private 3rd

Baxter William Private

Beath P Private

Beaton W Private

Beaton William Private 5th

Beaton John Private 7th

Beattie A Sergeant 5th

Beattie J M Lance Corporal 9th

Beattie Alfred Sergeant 5th

Beaumont William Private 3rd

Beaumont W Sergeant

Beaumont A Private

Beckett George Private 5th

Begbie John Private

Begbie John Private

Belford William G Private 4th

Belford A Private 4th

Belford W G Private 4th

Bell T Private 5th

Bell Alfred H Captain 11th,8th

Bell Alexander Private 4th

Bell Andrew Mudie Private 7th

Bell R Private 2nd

Bell John Corporal

Bell J R Second Lieutenant

Bell D A Second Lieutenant

Bell J C Lieutenant 7th

Bell J R Second Lieutenant

Bell F B CSM 5th

Bell George Private 3rd

Bell D Captain 9th

Bell RSM 5th

Bellman G Lance Corporal 7th

Bennie John Private

Bennie George Lance Corporal KOSB

Bertram Thomas Lance Corporal

Bethune H T Private

Betson Graham Captain

Betson Alexander Private 7th

Beveridge S Private

Beveridge S Private

Beveridge S Private

Beveridge Robert Private 9th

Beveridge William Private 7th

Binnie William Private 5th

Bird Peter Private 7th

Bird George Private 8th

Bird Thomas Private 7th

Bird J M CSM 13th

Birnie A Private 7th

Bishop W Private 7th

Bishop W Private 7th

Bisset Andrew CSM Volunteers

Bissett John Corporal 11th


Black James W M Private 5th

Black Richard Private

Black G Private

Black William Private

Black John Private

Black Hugh Corporal

Black G Private

Black George Private

Black John Private 5th

Black W Private 4th

Black T Private 9th

Black Robert Private 7th

Black H Private

Black William Private 4th

Black W C G Lieutenant

Black R Lance Corporal 5th

Blackett Fred Sergeant

Blackhall James Private 5th

Blackie John Lieutenant

Blacklock J A Private

Blackwood W R T Private 7th

Blackwood W R T Private 7th

Blaik W Private 13th

Blair George Private 5th

Blair John Private 7th

Blair P J Lieutenant 9th

Blair Alexander Private

Blair James Allan Private 7th

Blair George Private 5th

Blakie J W Private

Blane W J Private 9th

Blane Private 9th

Blyth John R Private 7th

Blyth T Private 5th

Boak John Lance Corporal SR

Bon Private 2nd

Bonnar A Private

Bonner Lance Corporal 7th

Borland J Private 7th

Borthwick James Private

Borthwick James Private 12th

Borthwick Robert Private

Borthwick James Private 4th

Borthwick Robert Private

Borthwick William Private

Borthwick R Private 7th

Borthwick J Private 13th

Borthwick George Private

Borthwick R Private 1st

Borwick George Captain

Bowie G Second Lieutenant

Bowie John M Captain 9th /RAMC

Boyd R C Private 8th

Boyes James Sergeant

Boyes James Sergeant

Boyle James Private

Bradford A W Corporal

Bradford A W Corporal

Bradley J R Private 9th

Braid Graham Private 5th

Braidwood J M Corporal 5th

Braidwood E Private

Braidwood J M Corporal 5th

Brander G L Lt the Rev 11th

Brannan Thomas Lance Corporal 11th

Brannan Thomas Lance Corporal 11th

Brannan E Private 5th

Brass J Private 7th

Bremner G Private 7th

Brindle T T Private 4th

Brindle John Dickson Private 4th

Broadbent A Private 2nd

Brockie James Private

Brockie Charles Private 5th

Brooks Andrew Private

Brough James Orr Private 5th

Brown A Private 5th

Brown James Private 6th / 8th

Brown A Corporal

Brown Alexander W Private

Brown Bertram Private 9th

Brown A Private 5th

Brown John Private 4th

Brown R S Second Lieutenant

Brown W Private 5th

Brown James Tod Private 9th

Brown Robert Private 5th

Brown H Private 4th

Brown A Lance Corporal 5th

Brown George Private 7th

Brown David Private

Brown Walter Corporal

Brown James Rossie Lieutenant 3rd

Brown G Lance Corporal 7th

Brown J R Private

Brown A G P 5th

Brown W C Second Lieutenant

Brown Robert Lieutenant

Brown John Private 8th

Brown A Private

Brown John Private

Brown R Private 5th

Brown G Private 7th

Brown A G Private 5th

Brown L Lance Corporal

Brown A Lance Corporal 5th

Brown Archibald Private

Brown James S Lance Corporal 2nd

Brown A Lance Corporal

Brown Robert C Second Lieutenant

Brown A Lance Corporal 5th

Brown Robert Lance Corporal 5th

Brown Walter Corporal

Brown Douglas Lieutenant 13th

Brown Arthur Private

Brown Walter Sergeant

Brown G Private 7th

Brown Charles Lance Corporal 5th

Browne A Captain

Browne A Captain

Brownlee Gilbert Lance Corporal

Bruce M Private

Bruce R Private 5th

Bruce R Private 5th

Bruce Robert Private 7th

Bruce Robert Private

Bruce William Private 8th / RE

Brunton R Lance Corporal 7th

Bryce 4th

Bryce William Private 3rd

Bryce W H Second Lieutenant 14th

Bryce Graham Captain

Brydon D Private

Brydon W Lance Corporal 5th

Buchan Robert Private 7th

Buchan Adam K Private 5th

Buchanan Peter Private

Bull George Private

Bullen J Lance Corporal 5th

Burges G Corporal

Burke H W Private

Burke James Private 2nd

Burke John Private

Burke R M Douglas Private 7th

Burnet James Private 7th

Burnett James Private

Burnett James Private

Burnett James Private

Burnett John Private 7th

Burnett Alexander Sergeant 8th

Burnett John Private 7th

Burns James Private 5th

Burns James Private 1st

Burns P Private 2SG

Burns F C Private 4th

Burns J T Private 7th

Burns J Private 3rd

Burr Private 9th

Burrows David Private

Burt Andrew Lieutenant 8th

Burton D Private

Butchard J Sergeant 2nd

Butchart W Private

Butchart W Private

Butler A G Lance Corporal 5th

Butler Albert Lance Corporal

Butler Albert Private 4th

Butler Albert Corporal

Cain G M Private 5th

Cairncross Thomas Private 7th

Cairns James Private

Cairns John Private W York Rifles

Cairns Lance Corporal 7th

Cairns Walter Private 2nd

Cairns Robert Private

Cairns H Private 7th

Cairns J Lawson Sergeant 9th

Cairns W Lieutenant

Cairns C H Private RSF

Cairns Henry Private 7th

Calder George Private

Calder Peter Private 1st

Calder Alexander Private

Caldwell W Private 9th

Callaghan J Private 5th

Callander George E Private

Callander Robert Corporal 5th

Callander Various

Callander George C Private

Callender James Private

Cameron George Private 7th

Cameron W B Private

Cameron D S Sergeant

Cameron A L W Private 5th

Cameron D Private

Cameron W Private 5th

Campbell J S Private 8th

CampbelL J J Private 5th

Campbell Andrew Private 7th

Campbell N A Private

Campbell J C Private 2nd

Campbell D Lance Corporal Canadian Seaforths

Campbell Charles Private 5th

Campbell N Private

Campbell William Second Lieutenant

Campbell Robert Private

Campbell John Private

Campbell John Private

Campbell A Private 7th

Campbell Charles Private 5th

Campbell J Lance Corporal 4th

Campbell D M Private 9th

Campbell W Private

Campbell J C Private 3rd

Campbell J Private 5th

Cantley Robert Private

Carlin Richard Private 7th

Carmichael A Private 4th

Carmichael W M Captain

Carmichael R Lance Corporal 4th

Carr C Private 7th

Carroll M Private 4th

Carroll M Private 4th

Carson Alexander Private 7th

Carson Private 5th

Carstairs Corporal 1st

Carswell James H Private 4th

Carter J Private 7th

Cassidy Martin Private 3rd

Cassidy Edward Lance Corporal 7th , RE (T)

Cathie J G Corporal

Cation John Private 5th

Cavanagh A Private

Cavers J Second Lieutenant

Cessford Alexander C Private 5th

Cessford Alexander C Private 5th

Chalmers John Private

Chalmers J CQMS

Chalmers R Corporal RE

Chalmers John Private

Chambers John Private 2nd

Chapman Audrey M Lance Corporal

Chattam T Corporal 11th

Cherrie Adam Captain

Cherrie Adam Captain

Cheshire James Private 2nd

Cheshire James Private 2nd

Cheyne C L Second Lieutenant

Cheyne Andrew Lance Corporal 9th

Chisholm Walter Private

Chisholm T Private 4th

Chisholm David Private

Christie James Lance Corporal

Christie James Lance Corporal

Clachers James Private

Clapperton John Private

Clark Pringle Private

Clark D Captain 7th

Clark P Private

Clark T G Second Lieutenant 7th

Clark Louis Lance Corporal 5th

Clark William Sergeant 9th

Clark J Private

Clark T George Lieutenant 7th

Clark P Private

Clark R Sergeant

Clark William Private 7th

Clark Thomas Private 8th

Clark H E F Second Lieutenant

Clark G M Lieutenant

Clarke Charles Private

Clarke B Corporal

Clarke Sgt Mjr 3/9th

Clasper Mavro Andreoli Private 13th

Cleghorn W

Clephane H Private

Coats William E Second Lieutenant

Cochrane Fred Private 4th

Cochrane D C Second Lieutenant

Cochrane William Private 5th

Cochrane David Second Lieutenant

Cochrane G S Private 5th

Cockburn J Private 5th

Cockburn D M Private 4th

Coe J T Private 4th

Coe J T Private 4th

Cole E J Lance Corporal 5th

Colley James Ross Private

Collie John Private

Collins P Private 4th

Collins Peter Private

Collins Peter Private

Collins Peter Private

Collinson Andrew Private

Colquhoun William Private

Colquhoun William Private

Colthart John Private

Combe Lester Private 7th

Condie Thomas Private

Connor F Private

Connor Francis Private 2nd

Conquer John Private 5th

Cook Francis Lance Corporal

Cook James G Private 7th

Cook Alexander Private

Copland R T Private 5th

Corbett James A Private 5th

Cordery William Private 8th

Cordery William Private 8th

Cormack 16th

Cormack Hector Sergeant 2nd

Cormack A H Private

Cormack K Private 1st

Cornwall Peter Corporal

Cornwall Peter Corporal

Corrie T A Lance Corporal 9th

Couper F W H CSM 4th

Couper James Private 9th

Couper W D Lance Corporal

Cousins D Private 2nd

Couston Alan Private

Coutts James Sergeant

Coutts C M Private 4th

Cowan Wilson Second Lieutenant

Cowan C J A Captain

Cowan W Private 5th

Cowan Louis Victor Private 9th

Cowan John Captain

Cowe Archibald Captain

Cowie James A Lance Corporal

Cowie William Lance Corporal KOSB

Cownie S Private

Coyley Digby A Second Lieutenant KOSB

Coyne Michael Corporal

Craig J W Corporal 5th

Craig J G Second Lieutenant

Craig Henry SMjr 8th

Craig Private 5th

Craigie J T Private

Craigie James Private

Craigie James Private

Craigie W S Private 4th

Craigie J T Private

Cranston J Private

Cranston James Private

Cranston J Private

Cranston James Private

Cranston 18th

Crawford W Private

Crawford George Lance Corporal

Crawford John R Private

Crawford William W Private

Crawford George Lance Corporal

Crean Francis Private 5th

Cree J Private 4th

Crerar G Private 4th

Crerar George Private 5th

Crichton Thomas P Sergeant 9th

Crockett W D Private 4th

Crombie J Private

Crombie P Lance Corporal

Crook George Private 5th

Crowden H Graham Lieutenant 13th

Cruickshanks James Private 4th

Cruickshanks J Private

Cumming John K Private 2nd

Cumming John Private 7th

Cumming Andrew Sergeant 11th

Cumming James Private

Cummings T Private

Cunnignham George Sergeant

Cunningham J Corporal

Cunningham R W Lance Corporal

Cunningham John Private 7th

Cunningham 17th, 7th

Cunninghman A G Private HLI

Curie D Sergeant

Curr W Corporal 5th

Curran Thomas Private

Curran Philip Private

Currer A Leslie Captain

Currie John Private 7th

Currie A F Sergeant RSF

Currie Adam Captain

Currie Adam Captain

Currie David Sergeant

Currie David Lance Corporal 4th

Currie James Private

Currie P Sergeant

Cuthbert T Private

Cuthbert Thomas Private

Dackar Alexander Private 5th

Dalby J D CSM 5th

Dalgleish R S Lieutenant

Dalgleish Peter Private

Dalgleish T Private 7th

Dalgleish R S Corporal 9th

Dalrymple Irvine Private

Dalzeil Frank Private

Dalzeil John Private

Dargo Various

Darling J W K Captain

Darling Robert Private

Darling Thomas Lieutenant 5th

Darter George Private 5th

Davidson W J E Private

Davidson George Private

Davidson William Private

Davidson David Private

Davie A R Private

Davie J S Sgt Mjr

Davie James Lieutenant Aus AMC

Dawson R Todd Second Lieutenant

Dawson R S Lance Corporal 7th

Dawson R S Lance Corporal 7th

Dawson John Lance Corporal

Dawson J D Captain 7th

Dawson Gilbert Sergeant

Deans W Private

Deans D Private

Dearness Thomas Lance Corporal 17th

Deas John Private Yorks and Lancs

Dempster E D L Sgt

Dempster L J Private 5th

Denholm John Private

Denholm T Lance Corporal

Denholm A H Private 9th

Denton E M Private 4th

Dewar W Private

Dewar A Sergeant

Dewar W Private

Dewar James Private

Dewar Fred Private 9th

Diamond W J Lance Corporal

Dick William Sergeant

Dick Various

Dick James Private 7th

Dickson D Private 5th

Dickson W Private 4th

Dickson A Private 5th

Dickson Various

Dickson C Lance Corporal 1st

Dickson William Private 4th

Dickson J Private 4th

Dickson William G Private 5th

Dickson W G Private 5th

Dickson A Private 1st

Dickson Hugh Private 5th

Dickson John Private 5th

Dickson R T Private 5th

Dickson James Private HLI

Dillon James Private 5th

Dingwall J Corporal 5th

Diughty R Sergeant

Dobie John Sergeant

Docherty George Private

Dodds Daniel R Private 2nd

Dodds W Lance Corporal 5th

Dodds George S Private

Dodds J Private 5th

Dodds D R Private 2nd

Dolan P Private

Dolan Private 2nd

Donald James Private 5th

Donald Noel J C Private 9th

Donaldson A C Private

Donaldson H Private

Donaldson A Lieutenant

Donaldson A Lieutenant

Donaldson A Private

Donovan M Ote 7th

Doran or Hunter John Private 2nd

Dorward H Sergeant 5th

Dougall Andrew Private 5th

Dougall A Private 5th

Dougan W Private 1st

Doughty Robert Sergeant

Douglas R Private 8th

Douglas John S Private

Douglas J S Private

Douglas Thomas Private

Douglas George Private 7th

Douglas W Stuart Private 4th

Douglas George Private

Douglas John CSM

Douglas Thomas Private 8th

Doull John Private 7th

Downie U R Private 5th

Downie George U R Private 5th

Downie W Private

Downie W Private

Downie R Private 5th

Drummond Captain

Drummond Captain

Drummond G N Private

Drummond W Lance Corporal 8th / 2nd / 6th

Drylie Peter Private

Drylie Peter Private

Drysdale J Private 4th

Drysdale R Private 1st SG

Duff W Private 5th

Duff J O Pipe Mjr

Duffy Matthew L Private TMB

Duffy Thomas Private

Duffy J Private

Dugdale Private 7th

Duguid James W Private

Duguid J W Private

Duke Philip Private 4th

Duncan William B Corporal RSF

Duncan G R Private

Duncan James Lance Corporal

Duncan J M S Sgt

Duncan William Private

Duncan J H Private 6th / 8th

Duncan John H Private 6th / 8th

Duncan Robert Sergeant Canadians

Dundas R C Lt Col 11th

Dunn James A Private

Dunn A H Corporal

Dunn J A Private

Dunn James Private 5th

Dunn Spottiswoode R Lt Colonel 4th

Dunnet John Private 9th

Dunsire Robert Private 13th

Durie James Private

Durie Alex Sergeant 9th

Durie Archibald Private

Durie John Private

Duthart A Private

Dyce W Irvine Private 5th

Dye A E Lance Corporal

Dye A E L Sgt

Dykes W Private 5th

Dymore H Lieutenant

Earl George C Private

Eckford Corporal 9th

Edgar Robert s Private 2nd

Edington Peter Lance Corporal 5th

Edmond Thomas Private 7th

Edmonston W S Lance Corporal

Edmonstone W S Lance Corporal

Ednie D G Sergeant 5th

Ednie D G Second Lieutenant

Edwards A Sergeant

Edwards T H Private

Edwards Alexander Lance Corporal 5th

Edwards Ernest Private

Edwards H E Private 9th

Elder W L Private

Elder W L Private 5th

Elder Alexander Private

Elliot A S Lieutenant 7th

Ellis James Private 4th

Emslie Second Lieutenant

English George W Private

Eppel B Private

Erskine C G Private

Erskine C G Private

Erskine C G Private

Erskine P Private

Ewing W Private

Fagan J A CQMS

Fairbairn W Sergeant

Fairburn Thomas Private

Fairington William Private

Fairley W D Sergeant

Fairlie W Private

Fairnie James Grieve Private 7th

Fairnie J Private 7th

Fairnie A Private 7th

Falconer J P Lieutenant

Falconer W M Second Lieutenant

Fallow G Sergeant 5th

Farish William Private 5th

Farquhar J Private 4th

Farrow A Corporal

Fawcett George Corporal

Fawcett G Corporal

Fenton Robert Private 8th

Fenton R Private 8th

Ferder John Lance Corporal

Fergie George Sergeant

Fergie Peter Private

Fergus G Lance Corporal

Ferguson R Sergeant

Ferguson P J Corporal

Ferguson William Percival Captain

Ferguson Charles Private

Ferguson William Private

Ferguson T Lowe Captain

Ferguson R Private AOC

Ferguson W P Captain

Ferguson W B Private

Ferguson John Lance Corporal

Ferguson Private 8th

Ferguson M L Private

Ferguson Robert Private

Fernie A J Second Lieutenant

Fernie A J Lieutenant

Fernie George Lance Corporal

Findlay D A A Private

Finlaison J CSM

Finlaison J CSM

Finlay James Private

Finlay John Private

Finlay J Private

Finlayson John Private

Finlayson J Private 7th

Finnie William Private

Fisher J R Second Lieutenant

Fleming John Private 2nd

Fleming James Lieutenant

Fleming J Grant Private 4th

Fleming James Lance Corporal

Fleming James Lance Corporal

Flett W Sergeant 7th

Flett Arthur David Lieutenant

Flett A D Lieutenant

Flett J E Lieutenant 7th

Flockhart David Private 6th

Flynn J Private

Flynn Various

Flynn Peter Private

Foggo George Private

Forbes William Private 5th

Forbes A M Private 5th

Forbes A M Private 5th

Ford W Corporal

Ford W Corporal

Ford George Turner Private 4th

Ford Charles Henry Private 4th

Forgie A G Lance Corporal

Forrest P Private 12th

Forrest J Sergeant 2nd

Forrest Edward Private

Forrest Edward Private

Forrester Private 7th

Forrester R C Lieutenant

Forrester R C Lieutenant

Forster L H Private 9th

Forsyth J W Private 5th

Forsyth W B Private

Forsyth David Private

Forsyth W Private

Forsyth A A Second Lieutenant

Forsyth A R Lance Corporal

Fowler G Sergeant 5th

Fowler G Sft 5th

Fowler Alexander Private

Frame D Private

Frame Andrew Private 8th

Fraser Thomas C Private

Fraser G Private 8th

Fraser A W Private

Fraser Homer Lance Corporal

Fraser R R Lance Corporal

Fraser A Private

Fraser Harry Lance Corporal Gordon Highlanders

Fraser R P Second Lieutenant

Fraser Various

Fraser John CSM

Fraser A McIver Private 5th

Fraser J M Private

Fraser John Lance Corporal

Fraser J Private

Fraser J S Sergeant 5th

Fraser M Private 5th

Fraser Homer Private 7th

Fraser W Private

Fraser John Sergeant

French John Sergeant

French A Sergeant

Frew D Private 7th

Froud D Private 5th

Fullerton A Private

Fulton Private 2nd

Fyall William Private 5th

Fyfe John Private 7th

Fyfe W Private 6th / 8th

Gaffney M Private 7th

Gair James Lance Corporal

Gair J Private 9th

Gair Alexander Private 8th

Galbraith Robert Private 5th

Galloway R M Lieutenant 7th

Galloway H S Sergeant 5th

Galloway W Lance Corporal MGC

Galloway R M Lieutenant 7th

Gannon John Private

Gardiner William Private

Gardner George Captain

Gardner J B Sergeant

Gardner J B Sergeant

Garrie Private 7th

Garry C Private

Gavin William Private

Gear Pipe major 7th

Geddes James Private

Geddes J L Second Lieutenant 5th

Geddes James Private

Geddes W Private 13th

Geddes W Sgt Mjr 12th

Geddes Herbert W Private 12th

Gemmill William Lt Col 8th

Gemmill William Lt Col 8th

Gibb Robert Private 7th

Gibbs RSM

Gibson R J Second Lieutenant 4th

Gibson Robert G N Lieutenant

Gibson Private 7th

Gibson Robert G N Captain

Gibson T Private 9th

Gibson George Lieutenant 5th

Gibson James Second Lieutenant

Gibson Thomas Private

Gibson James Second Lieutenant

Gibson G Private

Gibson R J Second Lieutenant 4th

Gibson J Private

Gibson R Second Lieutenant

Gibson Robert G N Lieutenant

Gibson R H Private 9th

Gibson Walter Private 1st

Gilberston J C Lance Corporal

Gilchrist J Private 13th

Gilchrist James Private 13th

Gillespie W D Lieutenant

Gillespire W D Lieutenant

Gillon M Private 5th

Gilvray R Private 4th

Gilzean T L Private 1st

Girdwood A Sergeant 4th

Glass J S Captain

Glen James Private 9th

Glennie Alexander Private 7th

Glover J H Captain 13th

Goodall James Private

Goodwin J Private 7th

Gordon D M Lance Corporal 5th

Gordon A A Major

Gordon Maxwell Private

Gordon Corporal 2SG

Gordon George Private

Gordon J Private 9th

Gordon David Private 6th / 4th

Gordon W Private 5th

Gordon Maxwell Private

Gordon John A Private

Gory Alexander Private

Gourlay Thomas Private

Gourlay J Lance Corporal 9th

Gowans Francis Private

Gracie Peter Private 3rd / 12th

Grady James Private 4th

Grafton W P Private 5th

Graham James Sergeant

Graham Thomas Riddles Private 5th

Graham W Private

Grahamslaw Peter Private

Grainger D Private 5th

Grandison James D Private HLI

Grant John M Second Lieutenant

Grant J Gordon Private

Grant Alexander Private 7th

Grant A L Lance Corporal

Grant H T Private 4th

Grant J M Second Lieutenant

Grant H M Private 4th

Grant D Lance Corporal 9th

Grant John Private 5th

Grassick J Private

Gray Harry Sergeant

Gray P Private 2nd

Gray James Sergeant 5th

Gray R S Private

Gray James Major 5th

Gray Robert Private

Gray Alexander Private 9th

Gray J A Second Lieutenant

Gray John Private

Gray Thomas Private

Gray Edwards C M Private 9th

Gray Major 4th

Gray James T Private

Gray Private 9th

Green Captain 9th

Greenlaw J CSM

Gregor John Private

Gregor John Private

Greig T Private

Greig John Private TMB

Greig D Private

Greigg Joseph Private

Grenville E A Private 9th

Grierson John Private 5th

Grierson QMS 8th

Grierson J Private 5th

Grieve J C Private 5th

Grieve R M Private

Grieve David Sergeant 8th

Grieve A S SMjr

Griffiths Alexander Lance Corporal 7th

Grindlay Robert Gunner Tank Corps

Grinton John Lance Corporal

Groat Isaac Private

Group 2/4th

Group 2/4th

Group 18th

Group 16th

Group 4th

Group 2/5th

Group 2nd

Group Various

Group 3rd

Group 4th

Group Demob Staff

Group 7th

Group 4th

Group 2/5th



Group 11th


Group 2/10th

Group 8th HLI

Group 5/6th

Group 5th

Group 16th

Group 4th


Group 5th


Group 4th

Group 2/5th

Group 8th?

Group 2/4th

Group 9th

Group 8th

Group Volunteers

Group 7th

Group 7th

Group 8th

Group RS Tug of war team

Group 7th

Group 7th

Group 7th

Group 7th

Group 8th

Group 5th

Group 8th

Group 8th

Group 8th

Group 5th

Group 7th

Group 9th

Group Volunteers

Group 2nd

Group 6th

Group 16th

Group 5th

Group 4th

Group 7th

Group 4th

Group 27 Brigade RFA

Group 5th

Group 6th

Group 8th RS

Group 6th

Group 16th

Group 16th

Group 16th


Group Cadets

Group 9th

Group 11th

Group 6th


Group 15th


Group 1st

Group 5/6th

Group 7th

Group 5th



Group Volunteers



Group 4th


Group 3/4th

Group Depot

Group 5th

Group 16th

Group 9th



Group 2/4th


Group 9th

Group 9th

Group 9th

Groves George Private 2nd

Gulland W Corporal 7th

Gulland Edwin Eyre Sergeant 8th

Gunn James Private

Guthrie Thomas Private

Hadden James Private 8th

Hadden S A Private 7th

Hagan Pat Sergeant

Hagan Pat Sergeant

Haig James Private 5th

Halcrow J Corporal RSF

Hall Various

Hall Bugler 5th

Hall James Private 5th

Hall D Private

Hall William Private 5th

Hall David W Private 5th

Hall James Tait Private 5th

Halliday T Private

Halloran John Private

Hamilton David H Private 5th

Hamilton William Corporal

Hamilton George Private

Hamilton F Private 4th

Hamilton Ronald Private

Hamilton William Corporal

Hamilton James Sergeant

Hamilton Alexander Private 7th

Hamilton William J Private 8th

Hamilton George Private 7th

Hamilton William Private 5th

Hamilton Archibald Pte 7th

Hamilton J Dundas Major 7th

Hamilton A Lance Corporal 9th

Hamilton Thomas Private 7th

Hamilton D E Private 5th

Hammond Hubert Private

Hampton P Private 7th

Hanley B Second Lieutenant

Hannah Private 7th

Hannah Henry W Second Lieutenant

Hannan W Private 7th

Hanning J Private 1st

Hardie J S Private

Hardie John Private 5th

Hardie Gordon Private 9th

Hardie John Private 5th

Hardie Gordon Private 9th

Hare William Private

Hare Samuel Private 7th

Harkness R Private 9th

Harley H F Private

Harley G B Private 5th

Harper Adam Private SR

Harrison John Lieutenant 4 KOSB

Harrower P Lieutenant

Harrower M Private

Harrower Matthew Private

Hart John Private

Hart S Private 4th

Harte Joseph F Second Lieutenant

Harvey A S Lieutenant

Harvey J B L Sergeant

Harvey A S Lieutenant

Hastie A Private

Haston A Private

Hawks A M Wood Lieutenant

Hawthorne J Lance Corporal

Hay J Private 5th

Hay George Private 3rd

Hay J Private 5th

Hay W G Sergeant

Hay Hugh Private

Heatlie R M Private

Heatlie R W Private

Heggie John Corporal

Heggie Stair Lance Corporal

Hempseed R B Sergeant

Henderson Norman J D Lieutenant

Henderson T Lance Corporal

Henderson A A Private

Henderson J N Major 4th

Henderson Thomas Corporal 2nd

Henderson W J Private 5th

Henderson Alexander Corporal

Henderson Magnus Arthur Private 13th

Henderson William Ewart Private 5th

Henderson M W Lt Colonel 10th, 9th BW

Henderson W S Private

Henderson William Private

Henderson B Sergeant

Henderson D Lance Corporal

Henderson A Private

Henderson A Lance Corporal

Henderson A Corporal

Henderson A Private

Henderson B Corporal

Henderson William E Sergeant 5th

Henderson William Private 9th

Henderson Robert Sergeant

Henderson William J Second Lieutenant

Henderson R Corporal

Henderson A Corporal

Henderson W A Lieutenant

Henderson Alexander Corporal

Hendry Laurence Private 7th

Hendry Thomas Hart Private 1st

Henry J Private 7th

Henry Private 7th

Henry J A Lieutenant 11th

Hepburn W D Captain 5th

Hepburn A J Lieutenant

Hepburn A C Corporal 1st

Hepburn James Private

Herd T W Private

Higgins M J Lance Corporal

Hill A Sergeant 7th

Hill Walter S Private

Hill John P Private

Hislop John H Second Lieutenant

Hislop Walter B Second Lieutenant 5th

Hislop John H Second Lieutenant

Hodgson George Private

Hodgson Robert R Private 4th

Hodgson R R Private 4th

Hogg T Corporal

Hogg George Private 7th

Hogg G Private 7th

Hogg G Private

Hogg John Private 5th

Hogg T Corporal

Hogg Thomas Corporal

Holt William Corporal

Honeyman Percy E Private 9th

Honeyman Percy E C Lieutenant

Honeyman Percy E Second Lieutenant

Hood David H Lance Corporal SR

Horne A Corporal

Horsburgh T Corporal 7th

Horson James Private

Hosking W Private

Hourston D R Private 5th

Hourston F M S Private 4th

Houston Hugh Lieutenant

Houston Archibald Private 4th

Houston G Private 7th

Houston P C Private 9th

Howard W Sergeant 5th

Howard William Sergeant 5th

Howe David Lance Corporal 4th

Howie T L Private 5th

Howie T L Private

Howitt James D Private

Hoy M Private

Hudson Harry Second Lieutenant

Hughes J L Private KOYLI

Hughton A J Lieutenant

Hume A W Sergeant

Hume A Private 5th

Humphreys James Private

Hunter Thomas Private

Hunter R Prov Sgt 4th

Hunter Robert Private 7th

Hunter James D Private

Hunter W K Private

Hunter J G Second Lieutenant S Staffs

Hunter J Sergeant 9th

Hunter James Williamson Second Lieutenant

Hunter W K Private

Hunter R Sergeant

Hunter W Private 6th / 4th

Hunter R Private 7th

Hunter D Private

Hurley J Private 4th

Hush David Private

Hutcheon Sergeant 7th

Hutchison Thomas Walker Captain 1/10th

Hutchison William Private 5th

Hutchison A Private

Hutchison Robert Private 5th

Hutchison C K Captain

Hutchison C K Captain

Hutchison R Private 5th

Hutchison H H Private 9th

Hutchison Thomas Private

Hutchison Sergeant 7th

Hutchison John Sergeant

Hutton Alfred Private 5th

Hutton I C Private 9th

Hutton G C Private 9th

Hutton Ian Campbell Private 9th

Hutton A Private

Hyslop Fred A Lance Corporal 9th

Inglis William Private 5th

Inglis John Private 7th

Innes James Private

Innes James Private

Innes James Private 6th

Innes J K Lance Corporal 4th

Ireland Archibald R Corporal

Ireland Archibald R Corporal

Irvine Alan Private

Iversen Frederick W Private 5th

Jack W P Lance Corporal 8th Seaforth

Jack R Private 7th

Jack E C Private 9th

Jack F Private 9th

Jack Tom Second Lieutenant

Jack Tom Second Lieutenant

Jacks R F Private 1st

Jackson W Private 5th

Jackson J C Second Lieutenant

Jackson 8th, RAMC

James M Private

Jameson Wilfred Private 7th

Jamieson James Private

Jamieson James Private RSF

Jamieson James Private

Jamieson J B Private 7th

Jarron Thomas Private

Jeffrey John Private

Jeffrey John Private 8th

Jenkinson W O Private

Jobson C L Private 6th / 4th

Jobson W R Private 11th

Johnston A V Private 4th

Johnston George Private

Johnston A B Captain

Johnston James Private

Johnston M S Private RMLI

Johnston George Private

Johnston W J Lieutenant 4th

Johnston A Lance Corporal 2nd

Johnston Robert H Private 9th

Johnston John Private 4th

Johnston R Lance Corporal 4th

Johnstone George Private

Johnstone G Private 7th

Johnstone George Private 7th

Johnstone John Private RSF

Johnstone D Sergeant

Johnstone Alexander Private 4th

Johnstone A R Lance Corporal 9th

Johnstone James Sergeant

Jones J T Sergeant

Jones J T Sergeant

Jones H E R Second Lieutenant

Jones F W Private 5th

Jones Robert Private 4th

Jordon J Private 4th

Joures R Private 2/8th

Juner J Private

Kane Thomas Private

Kane Alexander Lieutenant 5th

Kay Peter Sergeant 9th

Kay A Private

Keay James Private

Keddie Tom H Private

Keenan W H Private 9th

Keir Andrew Private 7th

Keith George Private

Keith George Private MGC

Kellagher James Private

Kellet Louis Lance Corporal 12th

Kelly Francis Private

Kemp James Sergeant 6th

Kemp C J Second Lieutenant 5th

Kendall D Private

Kennedy Alexander Captain

Kennedy Norman Lieutenant

Kennedy A Sergeant

Kennedy A Captain

Kennedy Ronald Private 4th

Kennersley C H Private 4th

Kent William Private 9th

Kenton Albert Private 5th

Kenyon F Private

Kenyon Albert Private 5th

Keppie John T Private

Kermack W R Lieutenant 7th

Kerr William F Private 5th

Kerr Leonard Private 7th

Kerr M Private

Kerr Alan Ebenezer Lieutenant 3rd Gordon Highlanders

Kerr A Private MGC

Kerr H S Second Lieutenant

Kerr J M Second Lieutenant

Kerr John Private

Kerr CSM 5th

Kerr David C Second Lieutenant

Kethel George C Private 4th

Kidd George Sergeant

Killock W Private

King T W Private 7th

King J Private 2nd

King William Private

Kingan Joseph Second Lieutenant

Kinghorn A Private 8th

Kininmonth A Private

Kinnaird T Sergeant

Kinnoch George Private

Kinnoch George Private

Kirk John Private 7th

Kirkhope W D Private

Kirkland Lance Corporal

Kirkpatrick James Private

Kirksapp E C B Captain

Kirkwood William Private 5th

Kitching James Private 8th

Knight T Sergeant 4th

Knowles Robert Private

Krause Richard Private

Laidlaw J QMS 5th

Laidlaw W A Private 4th

Laidlaw W Private 2nd

Laidlaw R B Private

Laidlaw W A Private

Laidlaw Robert Private

Laidlaw D Lance Corporal

Laidlaw J Private 11th

Laidlaw W Corporal 5th

Laing G Private

Laing Private 9th

Laing A D Captain

Laing William Private 9th

Laing A D

Laing J G Private

Laing W Lance Corporal

Laing W Private 7th

Laird Alexander Private

Laird J W Private

Laird Alexander Lance Corporal

Laird J W Private

Lamb J Private 5th

Lamb J Private

Lamb Ernest Private 5th

Lamb George Private 5th

Lamb Craigie Lance Corporal

Lamb John Private 5th

Lamb J McL Private

Lamb George Private 5th

Lamb W Private 5th

Lamb W M Private 5th

Lamb John Second Lieutenant

Lammie George Lieutenant 11th

Lammie George Lieutenant 11th

Lamond A Private

Lamont R W Private 5th

Land L Private 12th

Landells A Sergeant

Lander A S Private 4th

Lane George Private 5th

Langlands 8th , ASC

Langlands 8th

Lapham William A Private 2nd

Lauder G Corporal

Laverock James Private

Lavert J Private 5th

Law S Sergeant

Law A E Private 5th

Lawrence A R Private

Lawrence D Private 9th

Lawrence John Private

Lawrence D Private 9th

Lawrence John Private

Lawrie John Corporal 9th

Lawrie J Lance Corporal

Lawrie Various

Lawson Sergeant 5th

Lawson F Sergeant 5th

Lawson Peter Private

Lawson William Private

Lawson A Private 5th

Lawson W Lance Corporal

Leake Thomas Private 6th

Learmonth John Private

Lee J H Private 7th

Leeper F CSM

Leeper W A Private RAMC

Leeper George Private

Leeper Alexander Private

Lees G Private 5th

Lees A G Private 9th

Legge William Lieutenant 9th / RAF

Leighton Allan Sergeant

Leighton George Corporal

Leishman Tom Private

Leitch E Private

Leslie A Sergeant 7th

Letton William H Sergeant

Levack D Private 4th

Levy J Private

Leyden W M Private 5th

Liddell T QMS 5th

Liddle Andrew RS CSM 6th / 4th

Liddle CSM 6th

Liddle Lance Corporal

Lightbody R Private MGC

Lightfoot Various

Lindsay Douglas A Captain 5th

Lindsay William Captain

Lindsay W C S Captain

Lindsay W S Sergeant 7th

Lindsay A Private

Lindsay James Corp

Linklayer J Private

Linn A Private 5th

Linton Alexander Second Lieutenant 13th

Linton Alexander Second Lieutenant 13th

Liston Alexander Second Lieutenant 13th

Liston Walter Private 6th , 4th

Little R Private 7th

Littlejohn Eric G Private 5th

Livingstone J Lance Corporal

Livingstone D J Corporal

Livingstone J Lance Corporal 7th

Livingstone-Harvey J Sg

Lloyd Lance Corporal 4th

Loch A D Major

Loch A D Lieutenant

Lock Archie Private 5th

Lockhart Robert RSM

Lockhead A J Private 4th

Lockie Alexander Private 1st

Lodge Lieutenant 16th

Lofts Bernard Private 6th / 8th

Logan J Private 4th

Logan James H Lieutenant

Logan James H Lieutenant 16th

London J W Sergeant

London Robert Second Lieutenant

Lonie James R Lance Corporal 5th

Lonie Thomas Private

Lonie Thomas Private

Lorimer J Private

Lough John Private 7th

Love James Sergeant

Love 2nd, 5th, 17th

Love James Private ASH

Love James Sergeant

Low D Findlay Second Lieutenant

Low W Private

Low D Private 2nd


Lowe DM Sergeant 4th

Lowe James Private 5th

Lowe William Private

Lowe W Private 7th

Lowe Robert Private 9th

Lucas F Sergeant 2nd

Lumsden A S Private 4th

Lund J E Corporal

Lunny G M Private 7th

Lyall Thomas Private

Lyell W F R Second Lieutenant

Lynch James Corporal

Lynch Private

Lynch James M Second Lieutenant

Lynch J Corporal

Lynn Private 8th

Lyon C J Lieutenant 9th

Lyons W C Private

Mabon Charles Private

Mabon John Private 4th

Macartney Second Lieutenant 11th

Macbeth Daniel Private

Macdonald Robert Wallace Sergeant

Macdonald Norman J Second Lieutenant

Macdonald John Captain

MacDonald G Private 8th

MacDonald R W Lance Corporal 5th

Macdonald James B Private

Macdonald W Private

MacDonald G Lance Corporal 5th

Macdonald MacKenzie J R Second Lieutenant

Macdonald Norman Lieutenant 9th

MacDonald G Lance Corporal 5th

MacDougal W Sergeant

Macfarlane Robert Captain

MacFarlane Malcolm Sergeant

Macfarlane J CSM

Macfarlane W S Second Lieutenant

Macfarlane Alastair Lieutenant 9th

Macfarlane J Private

MacGregor Donald Private 11th

MacIntosh J D Captain 5th

Mack W Private

Mackay J Anderson Private

Mackay J Corporal

Mackay Charles A Lance Corporal 9th

Mackay Ernest Lance Corporal

Mackay Sergeant 9th

Mackay Alastair S Private 9th

Mackay W S Private 6th / 8th

Mackay G Private 9th

Mackay G Corporal 7th

Mackay W S Corporal

Mackay Andrew Private 5th

Mackay Private 6th / 4th

Mackay John E Private 5th

Mackay William G S Private KOSB

Mackay N Sergeant 9th

Mackay S Mjr 18th

Mackay George St C Private

Mackay John A Private

Mackay Donald Private

Mackay Andrew Lance Corporal

Mackay A Private 5th

Mackay A W Sergeant 4th

MacKay J E Private 5th

Mackenzie J Arthur Sergeant 5th

Mackenzie Kenneth J Private 5th

Mackenzie John Sergeant

Mackenzie James Private

Mackenzie J Private

Mackenzie Alexander Private

MacKenzie Hector Lance Corporal 5th

Mackenzie Kenneth Private

MacKenzie John Private 9th

Mackie William Private 5th

Mackie W Private 4th

Mackie B Private 9th

Mackie W Private

Mackie R E Lieutenant 4th

MacKinnon E C Sergeant 9th

MacKintosh C Private 5th

Mackintosh Edward Private 7th

MacLauchlan M A Private

Maclauchlan M Private

MacLauchlan M Private 9th

MacLennan John Private 1st

Macleod James Private

Macmeeken G S P Captain

Macnab John Private

MacNamara Felix Sergeant

Macnamara Maurice Private 4th

Macnicol Horatio Bonar Lieutenant 10th

Macpherson Neil Private 5th

Macrae Norman Private 9th

MacRae L G Private 4th

Macrae A W U Captain 5th

MacRobie R D Captain

Mahaffy W Private RSF

Main Private 7th

Main Charles Private 7th

Main W Private 7th

Mair Alexander Private 5th

Malcolm Corporal 2nd

Malcolm J Private 5th

Malcolm C Corporal 2nd

Malcolm Charles Private

Malone John Private 7th

Mann R H Private 5th

Mann J J Private 9th

Mann R H 5th 5th

Mann E H Private 5th

Marchbanks James M Private 8th

Marchbanks James M Lance Corporal

Marin James Private 5th

Mark James Private 7th

Marshall Hector Private

Marshall Alexander Sergeant

Marshall F Corporal

Martin Peter Private RAMC

Martin R Corporal 5th

Martin John Private

Martin T Lieutenant

Martin Thomas Private

Martin W M Lieutenant

Martin J W Sergeant

Martin B Private 5th

Mason Archibald Private 7th

Mason David Private 5th

Mason T Corporal

Mason Robert Private

Mason Thomas Private

Mason Charles Lance Corporal

Mason J Lance Corporal 5th

Mason A Private 7th

Masterson Vincent Private

Mather Ronald M Private 4th

Mather James Private 7th

Mather J Private 7th

Matheson J Private 9th

Matheson J M Second Lieutenant

Matheson Robert Private 13th

Mathison James Private

Matthews J Private

Matthews B Cash Lieutenant

Mattocks Private 3rd

Maule Robert Lieutenant 5th

Maxwell E H Second Lieutenant Kings Liverpool

Maxwell W Private 5th

Maxwell James Private 7th

Maxwell W Private 5th

Maxwell J Private 7th

May John Private 7th

McAdie James D C Corporal

McAllan P W Lance Corporal

McAllan J R Private 5th

McArthur N Private

McArthur Joseph Private

McArthur William Private

McArthur A Lance Corporal 5th

McAulay George Private 7th

McAulay Henry Private 7th

McCabe C Private

McCabe C Private

McCall James Private

McCallum D Second Lieutenant 10th SR

McCardle Peter Private

McClelland T Second Lieutenant

McConachie John Private

McCormack B A Private

McCorquodale J Sergeant

McCrory William Private

McCrow William Private 2nd

McCubbing F W Corporal 9th

McCulloch James Private

McCutcheon Gilbert Private 8th

McDade Peter Lance Corporal

McDaid Robert Private

Mcdermid W S Private Liverpool Rgt

Mcdermott A Lance Corporal 7th

McDermott Andrew Lance Corporal 7th

McDermott P Private 11th

McDiarmid G A Private 7th

McDonald William Private 7th

McDonald J Private 6th / 8th

McDonald John Alexander C Private 4th

McDonald Andrew Major 5th

McDonald Robert Corporal

McDonald Private 7th

McDonald Thomas Private 5th

McDonald Edward Private

McDonald J W S Private 9th

McDonald D A Second Lieutenant 5th

McDonald Sydney Private

McDonald Alexander Private

McDonald D A Lieutenant 5th

McDonald Robert Private

McDougal W Sergeant

McDougall A J Lance Corporal 9th

McEwan John Private

McEwan G C Second Lieutenant Seaforths

McEwan William Private 7th

McEwan Duncan Private

McFarlane R A Lieutenant 13th

McFarlane A Lieutenant 9th

McGarigle V Private 4th

McGechie J S Sergeant 4th

Mcgee James Sergeant

McGhee George Private 2nd

McGilivray George Private 2nd

McGill G T Lieutenant

McGill Charles Sergeant

McGinn Patrick Private

McGinn Peter Lance Corporal

McGovern F Corporal

McGrail F Private 8th

McGregor John Suttie Lance Corporal

McGregor J Private 12th

McGregor J D Private KOSB

McGregor J Lance Corporal

McGregor Kenneth Private RSF

McGregor Eric Private 9th

McGregor Samuel Sergeant 3rd

McGregor Harry D Private 9th

McGregor J A Sergeant

McGregor David Stewart Lieutenant MGC

McGregor Black J A Corporal

McGrouther W E Sergeant

McGuigan Arthur Private

McGuigan A Private

McGuire F Private 4th

McIntosh James Corporal

McIntosh Dugald Private 9th

McIntosh A Private 5th

McIntosh T G G Second Lieutenant

McIntosh John Lance Corporal 5th

McIntosh James L E Private

McIntosh A Private 5th

McIntosh W A Second Lieutenant

McIntyre James Private

McIver Hugh Private

McKail S G Lance Corporal 9th

Mckail Private 9th

McKay Allan Private 2nd

McKay Allan D Bandmaster

McKay Alexander Private 7th

McKay R Gnr RGS

McKay H Private

McKean David Private

McKean John K Corporal 4th

McKenna J Private 5th

McKenna F Private 5th

McKenna J Private 5th

McKenzie C A Private 9th

McKenzie Henry Private

McKenzie D Private 5th

McKenzie John Private

McKenzie D Lance Corporal

McKenzie Hector O Private 4th

McKerracher D CSM 7th

McKinlay C Pipe Mjr 9th

McKinlay Alexander Private

McKinley Charles Private

McKinley F Private 5th

McKisley Fred Private 5th

McLagan D C Captain 5th

McLagan D C Captain 5th

McLaghlan W Private 7th

McLaren C R Private 5th

McLaren Andrew Lance Corporal

McLaren J Private 13th

McLaren A Lance Corporal

McLean David Lance Corporal 7th

McLean G W Private 2nd

McLean D Lance Corporal 7th

Mclean C J Lieutenant

McLean John Private

McLean John Private

McLean William W Lieutenant

McLean Alexander Sergeant

McLean J C Lance Corporal

McLean Lance Corporal 6th / 8th

McLean Graham Private 2nd

McLean Murdoch Private

McLeish David Private

Mclennan John Private 1st

Mcleod James Private 3rd

McLeod James Private

McLeod J Private 5th

McLeod James Private 3rd

McLeod D Private 7th

McLuskie O Private 2nd

McLuskie David Private

McMahon T Private 12th

McManus Philip E Private 5th

McMillan P Private 5th

McMillan Piper 9th?

McMillan H J Private 9th

McMillan Peter Private 5th

McMillan W Corporal 2nd

McMillan William Private

McMurray John Captain

McNab Private 5th

McNair Robert Private

McNamara G Private

McNamara Felix Sergeant

McNamara D Private 7th

McNaughton William Private 4th

McNeill J C Private 8th

McNeill William Private

McNicol D Private

McNiven P Second Lieutenant

McPhail William Private 5th

McPherson George S Private

McPherson A Lance Corporal

McPherson Neil Private 5th

McPherson Lance Corporal TMB

McPherson N Private 5th

McPherson R H Private 5th

McPherson A Private 5th

McPherson C Private 7th

McPhilips Thomas Private

McPhilips James Private

McQuilkin J Private 5th

McRae D Private 5th

McRae George Private

McRae William Private

McRitchie John Private

McRither Alastair Iain Private 4th

McRobert C Private

McRobert C Private

McRobie J D Private

McRobie J D Private

McSherry James Private 7th

McSorely J Private 7th

McTaggart C R Private 4th

McTavish Alexander Private 5th

McVey J Corporal 5th

McVie Herbert J Second Lieutenant

McVie John Sergeant

McWilliams John Private 5th

Mearns James Lance Corporal 5th

Mearns James Lance Corporal 5th

Meek T A Lieutenant

Meggie J H Lance Corporal

Meikle John Private

Meikle George Private

Meiklejohn James B Lance Corporal

Mein H Cranston Lieutenant

Mein Frank Private 6th / 4th

Mein H Cranston Lieutenant

Meldrum E A Lieutenant

Meldrum Ernest A Second Lieutenant Gurkha Rifles / 6th

Melrose Walter Private 4th

Memorial drawing 7th

Mennaman W Lance Corporal 7th

Menzies William Private

Menzies A Sergeant

Menzies R Lieutenant 9th

Menzies George C QM RAMC

Menzies Alexander Private

Menzies A L Sgt

Menzies George C QMS RAMC

Mercer C J Private

Merriles John S Second Lieutenant 5th

Messer T Y Private

Middlemass W C Private 4th

Millar P W Private

Millar James Private

Millar John Private

Millar Frederick Private

Millar James Private

Millar George Lance Corporal

Millar G Private 7th

Miller D H Second Lieutenant

Miller Ben Private

Miller W R Private

Miller Archibald Private 5th

Millie R Private

Milligan J Private

Milligan J M Private 5th

Millikin W S Sergeant 9th

Mills G H Private 5th

Milne W S CSM

Milne James Private 5th

Milne W Private 5th

Milne John Private

Milne C Lance Corporal

Milne W S Sergeant 5th

Milne William Sergeant 5th

Milne Alexander Private

Milne J Private 5th

Milne T Private 5th

Milne C Lance Corporal

Milne W CSM

Milne James Private 5th

Mitchell James Lance Corporal

Mitchell Private 2nd

Mitchell Allan Sergeant

Mitchell F J Second Lieutenant

Mitchell A Private

Mitchell J M Captain 7th

Mochan J Private

Mochrie T Private 2nd

Moffat R Private 8th

Moffat James Private 1st

Moffat J Private

Moffat John Private

Moffat James Private

Molyneaux J M Lieutenant

Moncreiff Scott General

Moncreiff Scott General

Moncur CSM

Moncur J M Second Lieutenant

Monro Andrew F Private

Monteith Donald Private 12th

Monteith James C Private

Monteith P F Sergeant 4th

Moodie J Private 7th

Moodie Donald Lance Corporal 5th

Moore J G Second Lieutenant KOSB

Moran John Private 7th

Morey A W Lieutenant 11th

Morgan James Brown Private 9th

Morgan E Private 7th

Morgan John E Private 9th

Morgan James B Private 9th

Morgan E Private 7th

Morham J Captain 4th

Morison M J T CSM

Morison Mark J CSM

Morris Frank Corporal

Morris David Lance Corporal

Morris David Lance Corporal

Morris J Corporal

Morris David Private 5th

Morrison William Private 5th

Morrison John Private 4th

Morrison R Private 5th

Morrison J D Private 4th

Morrison R Private 5th

Morrison John Private 4th

Morrison William Private 9th

Morrison R B Private 5th

Morrison James Private

Morrison W F O Lieutenant

Morrison G C Private 4th

Morton Frank Private

Morton James E Private

Moultray J D Corporal

Moxey John Private 6th

Moxey S Private

Moyes William Bernard Lieutenant RFC

Moyes Henry Private 9th

Moyes William B Lieutenant RFC

Moyes J Sergeant

Moyes Thomas Lance Corporal

Muir Archibald Private

Muir Peter Private MGC

Muir James G Private 16th

Muir Robert Private

Muir W Private 4th

Muir William Steele Second Lieutenant

Muir J Private 1st

Muirhead A Private

Mullett E Private 5th

Mumberson John Lance Corporal

Mumberson John Lance Corporal

Mungall Robert Second Lieutenant

Mungall Robert Second Lieutenant

Munnoch John Private 5th

Munro William Private

Munro S Sgt Mjr 5th

Munro C B Lieutenant 13th

Munro Robert Private

Murdoch J Lance Corporal

Murdoch Hugh Lance Corporal 5th

Murdoch J Lance Corporal

Murdoch J Private

Murie R A Lance Corporal

Murie Robin A Private 5th

Muriset Albert Edmond Private

Murphy J C Private

Murphy J C Private

Murray William Private 7th

Murray Harry Private HLI

Murray W G Private

Murray Andrew Private 7th

Murray Hugh A Lieutenant MGC

Murray A Private 7th

Murray John Corporal 5th

Murray J C Lieutenant

Murray Thomas Private 7th

Myers J C Captain

Nairn George Private 7th

Nairne Ronald Second Lieutenant

Napier J Sergeant 13th

Napier John Sergeant

Napier A Corporal

Narrie Andrew Private 2nd

Neal Lance Corporal 5th

Neil R Private

Neil R Private

Neill W P Second Lieutenant

Neill George Private RSF

Neill Francis Lance Corporal

Neill Francis C Cpl

Neill David Private

Neilson James Corporal MGC

Nelson Thomas Private 9th

Nelson Thomas Lieutenant 5th

Nelson A Sergeant 12th

Nesbit D C Private

Ness A B Second Lieutenant

Neville W Private 1st

Nevin H T Private

Newberry Ronald Private

Newberry David Private 9th

Newlands Thomas Captain

Newlands Thomas Captain

Nichol W S Lance Corporal

Nicholson M Private 5th

Nicholson R Private 7th

Nicholson William Private 2nd

Nicholson CSM 7th

Nicol David Private

Nicol James Private

Nicol Hugh Private 4th


Nicol H J Sergeant 4th

Nicol Peter Corporal

Nicolson J T Private 9th

Nicolson J C Corporal 4th

Nicolson Robert Private

Nicolson A Private 5th

Nisbet F Corporal 7th

Nisbet John Second Lieutenant 3rd

Nisbet T C Private

Nisbet John Private

Niven David Private

Noak William Private 2nd

Noble W Lieutenant

Noble W S J Second Lieutenant

Noble W S J Second Lieutenant

Noble W Lieutenant

Norman Private HQ staff

Norval Alexander W Private

Norval Alexander W Private

O'Donnell W A Lance Corporal LR 24th

O'Donnell Lance Corporal

Ogilvie Kinloch Second Lieutenant

O'Hara Lieutenant 4th

Oliver J W Lance Corporal 5th

Oliver G Private 5th

Oliver James R Private

Omand J Private 12th

O'Neill William Sergeant

O'Neill T Private 5th

O'Neill T J Private 5th

Ormiston Thomas Private 7th

Ormiston Thomas Private 7th

Orr William Private

Orr George Private

Orr J L Corporal

Outerson George Sergeant

Ovens Robert B Lieutenant

Panton Ernest Douglas Private 9th

Panton Robert Private RSF

Park W Private 7th

Paterson John Private

Paterson W D W Private 4th

Paterson W Private 7th

Paterson Swinton Lieutenant

Paterson A Private 5th

Paterson William Private 7th

Paton J W Corporal

Paton James Private

Patrick Frank A Private 9th

Patterson Walter Private

Patterson Andrew Private

Paul James Corporal

Paulin Private

Peace David Private 7th

Peacock William Second Lieutenant

Peacock Richard Sergeant 8th

Pearson Arthur E Private

Pearson James Private 9th

Pearson James Private 9th

Pearson J Lance Corporal

Peden William Private

Peden John Private

Peden James Private

Peebles W C Lt Col

Peebles J R Captain 7th

Peebles W C Lt Col

Pender James Private 4th

Pender R W Private

Pendrich T E Private

Penman J D Private

Percival W H Private 4th

Perkins B C Corporal

Perkins B C Corporal

Perry F Shaw Lance Corporal 5th

Perry T Private 12th

Peters A R Private KOYLI

Peters A Private

Petrie John Private 5th

Petrie John Private 5th


Pierce G Private 5th

Pinkerton John Lance Corporal

Pirret Robert Corporal

Pollock J D Captain 4th

Pollock David Captain Cameron

Pollock Robert Private

Poole Robert Private

Porteous William S Private

Porteous William Private NZEF

Porteous Donald Private 7th

Porteous H Private

Potter Alexander Private

Povah A J Sergeant 7th

Pow Thomas Private

Poyner P S Private

Prentice Thomas Lance Corporal

Preston A Lance Corporal

Preston J D Lance Corporal

Preston Alfred Corporal

Preston B Sergeant

Preston John LCpl

Price C L Captain

Pringle A C Private 5th

Pringle G G Lance Corporal

Pringle A C Private 5th

Pringle-Pattison N S Captain

Pringle-Pattison N S Captain

Proudfoot Christopher Private SR

Proudfoot Chris Private

Proudfoot J Corporal 7th

Pryce A B Sergeant

Pryde Robert Private 2/7th

Purdie Andrew Private

Purves George Private 8th

Purves Robert Private

Purves T Lance Corporal RSF

Purves David Private

Purves Francis Lance Corporal

Purves R Private

Quiller F Corporal 7th

Quin J A Private

Quinney D Private

Quinney D Private

Radcliffe A Private ASH

Rae James Corporal

Rae James Private

Raeburn John Private 5th

Rait Alexander Private 9th

Ramage William Private

Ramsay J Sergeant 6th

Ramsay A P Sergeant

Ramsay J Private 5th

Ramsay Walter Private

Ramsay George L Private

Ranken John Corporal 4th

Rattray John Lance Corporal

Rattray J Private

Rawson A W Captain

Raymond A Sergeant

Read Charles Private

Redpath D Private 5th

Redpath Andrew Private

Redpath C Private 5th

Reedie David Private 4th

Reekie John I Private 9th

Reichall Michael Private

Reid G Private 9th

Reid James LCpl 8th

Reid J Private 4th

Reid L Cpl Private 4th

Reid James Private

Reid John Private

Reid T Private 4th

Reid F Corporal 2/10th

Reid George Private

Reid James Private 4th

Reid J B Lance Corporal 9th

Reid Jacky Private 7th

Reid D J Second Lieutenant 5th

Reid George Private

Reid G Sergeant

Reilly Mathew Private

Reilly Ernest Lance Corporal 5th

Reilly David Private

Reilly M Private

Reilly Thomas Corporal

Rennie John J Private 9th

Rennie Allan S Private 7th

Renwick R D Private 7th

Renwick John CSM

Renwick Archibald Corporal

Reynolds J Private 1st

Reynolds James Private

Reynolds P Private 12th

Reynolds Harry Captain

Reynolds Harry Captain

Rhind R Private 9th

Richardson A Private 8th

Riddell A Sergeant

Rintoul D W D Private

Ritchie John QMS 5th

Ritchie W J Private 5th

Ritchie D Private 7th

Ritchie A W Private 4th

Ritchie Private 2nd

Ritchie William J Private 3rd

Ritchie George Private 8th

Ritchie William T J Lance Corporal 5th

Ritchie William Private 6th, 4th

Robb Gavin Private

Robb J R Private 5th

Robb Herbert V Private 12th

Robert P Sergeant

Roberts Robert Private

Roberts Benjiman Private

Roberts J Private

Roberts William Private

Roberts N H Private 5th

Roberts Frank H Private 5th

Roberts James Stewart Private 9th

Roberts John Private

Roberts Frank H Private 5th

Roberts R Private

Roberts G A Private 11th

Robertson George Private

Robertson George Private 2nd

Robertson R Private 5th Aus Horse

Robertson William Corporal

Robertson William Private

Robertson A Private 7th

Robertson A M Private

Robertson F Private 9th

Robertson Captain 4th

Robertson Robert Sergeant 5th

Robertson J Private

Robertson James Private 5th

Robertson T Private

Robertson J Captain 11th

Robertson Frederick W Captain 5th

Robertson T Private 5th

Robertson J Private

Robertson J Private 13th

Robertson Private

Robertson W Private 2nd

Robertson F W Captain 5th

Robertson J Private 5th

Robertson J Private 9th

Robertson William Sergeant 4th

Robertson Harold Private 4th

Robertson John Private SR

Robertson D Private 7th

Robertson T Lance Corporal

Robertson William D Second Lieutenant

Robin Marcel Private 9th

Robinson Lieutenant KOSB

Robinson R M Private

Robinson W J Private 5th

Robinson R J Private 9th

Robson C C Private 9th

Robson Henry Howey Private 2nd

Roddick W Private 5th

Rodger T Lance Corporal RSF

Rodger A Private 7th

Rodgers W H Private 12th

Romanes J G P Captain

Romanes J G P Captain

Romanes Gerald Paget Captain 7th

Ronaldson John Private 4th

Rorrison James QMS 4th

Rose Arthur Lt Col

Rose T Private 4th

Rose H A Sergeant

Rosenbloom H Lance Corporal

Rosie G L Sgt 7th

Rosie George Sergeant 7th

Rosie J B Private 5th

Ross W G Private 9th

Ross T Private

Ross John Private

Ross G A S Captain 4th

Ross A Sergeant

Ross James Lance Corporal

Ross Robert Private 12th

Ross George Private 4th

Ross William Private 9th

Ross Donald Private

Ross Donald Second Lieutenant

Ross John Private 5th

Ross James Private

Ross Peter Captain 16th

Ross John B Private

Ross George Private 4th

Ross C W J Major 18th

Ross D Private 5th

Ross J Private 5th

Ross W Private 5th

Ross Donald Second Lieutenant

Ross Alexander Private

Ross W D Lance Corporal 6th

Ross W M Private 4th

Ross W D Lance Corporal 6th / 8th

Ross D Private 7th

Rough William Private

Rowan R C Lieutenant

Rowan W Lance Corporal

Roy Thomas Private

Roy James Private HLI

Roy James Corporal

Roy James Private

Russell W P N Private

Russell T Captain

Russell James Private 9th

Russell Private 5th

Russell W Lance Corporal 5th

Russell W P N Private

Russell Captain 5th

Rutherford C Private 4th

Rutherford Thomas E Private 9th

Rutherford R W G Captain 4th

Rutherford R Sergeant

Rutherford John Private

Rutherford R Private

Rutherford James Private

Rutherford John Private

Rutherford Charles Private 4th

Rutherford A C Lance Corporal

Rutherford A Lance Corporal 5th

Rutherford Robert Private

Salkeld Lawrence Private MGC

Salmond John Corporal

Salvesen C R Lieutenant 7th

Salvesen N G Lieutenant 7th

Sandercombe Charles Private

Sanders R W Private 4th

Sanderson A Private

Sanderson Major 7th

Sangster David Corporal 2nd

Saunders H Corporal 2nd

Sawers James Private

Schumacher T G Private 7th

Scobie A R Private 4th

Scott John Private 8th

Scott C G Private 3rd

Scott A M Private

Scott Charles Second Lieutenant

Scott T Private 5th

Scott H Lance Corporal 6th

Scott T G Private 4th

Scott James Private 4th

Scott J Private RAMC

Scott D Private 8th

Scott W CQMS 1st

Scott C Sergeant 3rd

Scott Thomas Lance Corporal


Scott D C Private 5th

Scott Andrew F Sergeant

Scott E C Private 5th

Scott A B Private MGC

Scott Duncan Private 7th

Scott John Sergeant

Scott James Private 7th

Scott A F Private

Scott Colin F Sergeant

Scott Duncan Private 7th

Scott R Lance Corporal

Scott W Private 7th

Scott J D Private 9th

Scott John Sergeant

Scott 5th , 9th

Scott Thomas H Lance Corporal

Scott F M Second Lieutenant 5th

Scott George Lance Corporal 2nd

Scott R Lance Corporal

Scott T G Private 4th

Scott James Private

Scott James Private

Scott David Lance Corporal

Scougall J Private 5th

Scougall George Corporal

Seacy S T Private

Selby Herbert J Major

Sellar James Lance Corporal

Shand D Private 4th

Shankie T R Private

Shanks J Private

Shanks J Private

Sharkey Private

Sharp G N Private

Sharp John A Private 4th

Shaw H A Lance Corporal

Shaw Alexander Lance Corporal

Shaw D Private

Shaw W L Private

Shaw J D Shaw

Shepherd K C Lance Corporal 9th

Sheppard William Sergeant

Shiels T Drummond Captain

Shiels R Corporal

Shiels T Drummond Captain

Shotton William Private 5th

Sibbald David Private

Sim A T Second Lieutenant

Sim William Private

Sime Peter Corporal

Sime James Corporal 7th

Sime R Private 7th

Sime Peter Corporal

Simpson James Private

Simpson Private 7th

Simpson James Private

Simpson A J Captain

Simpson Christopher Sergeant

Simpson Thomas RSM

Simpson W D Lieutenant

Simpson A Private 7th

Simpson G F Private 5th

Simpson George F Private 5th

Simpson G F Private 5th

Simpson W Private 9th

Simpson Robert Private

Simpson G R Private 7th

Sinclair W Private 5th

Sinclair J Private 4th

Sinclair William Private 5th

Sinclair William Private

Sinclair John Lance Corporal

Sinclair R Private 7th

Sinclair H T Sergeant 5th

Sinclair William Sergeant

Sinclair W Private 7th

Sinclair J Lieutenant 5th

Sinclair Adam Sergeant

Sinclair J Private 5th

Sinclair Private 9th

Sinclair B Private

Sinclair Bruce Private

Sinclair Alexander Private 7th

Sinclair W Lance Corporal

Sinclair W Lance Corporal

Sinclair Alexander Private 9th

Sinclair A G Private 4th

Skedd James Private 4th

Skeldon S Private

Skidmore William Private 7th

Skinner J Private 5th

Slattie D Private 7th

Small Norman Howard Private 9th

Small D B Sergeant

Small William L Private

Small D B Sergeant

Small A Private 5th

Smart Albert Private 5th

Smart R P Private 7th

Smart James Private 9th

Smeaton George Private 7th

Smelie William Captain

Smiley John L Sgt

Smith W L Sergeant 4th

Smith Philip Private

Smith A E Private 9th

Smith Alexander Private

Smith A D Private 9th

Smith T Private 9th

Smith William Private

Smith James Private 9th

Smith Montague Lieutenant 5th

Smith T Private 7th

Smith H CSM 5th

Smith Chrales Private

Smith J D Private 7th

Smith Peter Tranent

Smith John W Sergeant

Smith William Private

Smith A Davidson Second Lieutenant

Smith A CSM 7th

Smith Arthur Private 5th

Smith W Private 8th

Smith George Lance Corporal 13th

Smith C J Lance Corporal 4th

Smith John Private

Smith William Private 8th

Smith W B Private 4th

Smith J Private 12th

Smith William B Private 4th

Smith Robert Private 6th / 4th

Smith Alexander Private

Smith T Sergeant

Smith Robert Rutherford Second Lieutenant

Smith T F Sergeant

Smith John Lance Corporal

Smith A Private 2nd

Smith George S Private 5th

Smith Charles Private 5th

Sneath Robert Sergeant

Sneddon Alexander Lance Corporal

Snell A Private

Somerville J Private

Somerville A G Corporal 7th

Somerville 10th, 12th

Somerville John H Private

Sowler James Private 4th

Sparke W Lieutenant

Sparke W Lieutenant

Speedie J G Second Lieutenant

Speedy Thomas Private 8th

Spence C F Corporal

Spence J Lance Corporal 5th

Spence J Lance Corporal 4th

Spence Harry Private

Spence John Private

Spence Charles F Corporal

Spiers Colin Private

Spiers Colin Private

Sponder C E Corporal

Sponder W H Private

Sponder C E Corporal

Stanton John Private

Stark M Private 1st

Steadman John Sergeant

Steadman John Sergeant

Steel W H Lieutenant 5th

Stenhouse Andrew Private

Stephen D W Sergeant

Stephen D W Sergeant Yeomanry?

Stevens George Sergeant

Stevens J Private 4th

Stevenson D G Sergeant

Stevenson R L Private

Stevenson D Sergeant

Stevenson Thomas Lieutenant

Stevenson D G Sergeant

Stevenson W G Private 4th

Stevenson Thomas Lieutenant

Stevenson R Private 7th

Stevenson D Sergeant

Stevenson Frank Sergeant 8th

Stevenson A Private

Stewart G Private 4th

Stewart James Private

Stewart John W Lieutenant

Stewart James Private

Stewart J W Captain

Stewart Alexander Private

Stewart A C Private 5th

Stewart Thomas Private 6th

Stewart A Private 5th

Stewart Robert Private 5th

Stewart T Private 7th

Stewart Charles Private

Stewart J B Private

Stewart Robert Private

Stewart Alexander Private 1st

Stewart Corporal 4th

Stewart William S Private 9th

Stewart F A Private

Stewart W G Private

Stewart J K Second Lieutenant

Stewart George Private 4th

Stewart P D Private

Stewart J Walcot Second Lieutenant 16th

Stewart James Private

Stewart John Private 8th

Stewart George F Private 9th

Stewart Charles Private

Stewart Andrew F Private 5th

Stewart R R Lieutenant 13th

Stewart J W Captain

Stewart Thomas Private 8th

Stewart John W Lieutenant

Stewart James Private

Stewart Robert Private

Stewart N Lance Corporal 5th

Stewart J M Second Lieutenant

Stewart William Lance Corporal 5th

Stewart W Private

Stewart N W Lieutenant RFC

Stewart Macmillan Lieutenant

Stewart D M Captain

Stewart G L Second Lieutenant

Stewart W Private 7th

Stewart George Lance Corporal

Stewart Ralph Marshall Private 4th

Stewart G C Lance Corporal

Stewart John Private

Stewart John Private

Stewart T B Private 7th

Stirling Alexander Private 4th

Stirling John Lance Corporal

Stoddart Archie Private 4th

Stoddart Thomas Private

Stormont G Sergeant

Strachan John Private

Strachan Fred Private

Stronach Willaim Private 5th

Struth James S Second Lieutenant

Struth James S Second Lieutenant

Struth Second Lieutenant

Stuart J Y Private 4th

Stuart J T Private 4th

Stuart James Capt the Hon

Stuart James Capt the Hon

Stuart R Private

Summers Private 7th

Sunman Frederick Private 12th

Sutherland H Sergeant

Sutherland A Private 4th

Sutherland Alexander Private

Sutherland John Lance Corporal 6th / 4th

Sutherland James Private

Sutherland G O Lieutenant 5th

Sutherland John Private 2nd

Sutherland H A Private 4th

Sutherland William Sergeant 11th

Sutter John R Private 4th

Suttie John Private 7th

Suttie John Lance Corporal 7th

Swaley J P Private 4th

Swan D Private 4th

Swanson Alexander Private 2nd

Swanson A Sergeant

Swanson David Private RSF

Swanson Peter Private ASH

Swanson Murdoch Private 5/6th

Swanston W Sergeant

Sweenie T Private 5th

Swinney P Private

Swinney Peter Private

Symons James Private 7th

Tait William Private Sr

Tait James Ritchie Second Lieutenant

Tait W Private

Tait James Captain 8th

Tait T Private

Tait James Captain 8th

Taylor R Corporal

Taylor George Private

Taylor J A Sergeant 12th

Taylor John Private

Taylor James Private 2nd

Taylor Captain 9th

Taylor E S Private

Taylor William Private

Taylor Leslie Private

Taylor J R O Major

Taylor G Private 5th

Taylor James T Private

Taylor J M Private 4th

Taylor G Private 5th

Taylor Robert Corporal

Telfer W T Sergeant

Telfer R Private 12th

Telfer T Sergeant

Telfer Thomas Sergeant

Telfer William Private

Templeman C J Private 9th

Templeman C G Private 9th

Templeton R Private 9th

Templeton Private 9th

Tennant R C Private 6th / 4th

Teviotdale T B Corporal

Thom Alexander Private

Thomas Stanley D Private 17th

Thomson W D Private

Thomson J S Corporal

Thomson T Private

Thomson A S Private 7th

Thomson E J Lieutenant 7th

Thomson H D CSM 5th

Thomson A Lance Corporal

Thomson Robert Lieutenant 10th / 2nd

Thomson William Private

Thomson F W Second Lieutenant 7th

Thomson W D Private 7th

Thomson W Sergeant 9th

Thomson James Private 2nd GH

Thomson David Private 4th

Thomson David Private

Thomson W D Private

Thomson A M Private 5th

Thomson George B Private

Thomson T Corporal 11th

Thomson Alexander Corporal

Thomson Robert Private

Thomson William Private 4th

Thomson A M Private 5th

Thomson R P Private 5th

Thomson Charles Private

Thomson W Private 4th

Thomson A Graham Captain

Thorburn T Private 12th

Thorburn William Private

Tod Archibald Sergeant MGC

Tod J Sergeant 9th

Tod James S Private 9th

Todrick Thomas Captain 8th

Tonge P R CQMS 12th

Toole John Private

Torrie R L Sgt 5th

Torrie R L Sgt 5th

Tough C Private

Tough J G Private 4th

Trainer Andrew Private 9th

Tulloch T Private 7th

Turnbull Lance Corporal 8th

Turnbull J F Corporal

Turnbull John Private

Turnbull A S Private 7th

Turnbull W L Lieutenant 5th

Turnbull John Private 5th

Turner Graham Private 4th

Turner Harry Private

Turner Harry Private

Turner W Private 5th

Turner Ernest G Captain

Tweeddale J Corporal 4th

Tweeddale William Sergeant 1st

Twiss G Private

Twiss G Private

Uffendell T Private 5th

Urquhart W Captain

Urquhart H H Private 5th

Urquhart W Private 5th

Urquhart H B Private 5th

Urquhart William Private 5th

Urquhart James Private

Urquhart W Private 5th

Urquhart R J Sergeant 7th

Urquhart J G Corporal

Urquhart James Private

Vandepeear James Lance Corporal 11th

Vass Robert H H Private 6th

Vass James Donald Private 5th

Veitch J Lance Corporal

Veitch M Lieutenant

Veitch James Private 7th

Veitch D Sergeant 12th

Veitch D Sergeant 12th

Veitch I D Lance Corporal

Vickers Ramsay Corporal ASH

Voy J Private

Waddell J Hamilton Second Lieutenant

Waddell J H Second Lieutenant

Waddell James H Second Lieutenant

Waddell Private 8th

Waddell T Private

Waddell Thomas Private

Waddell Thomas Private

Waddell T Private

Waddie Thomas Wallace Private 9th

Waldie Thomas Private 4th

Waldie Thomas Private 4th

Wales Alexander Lance Corporal 5th

Walker John Private

Walker Robert Private 7th

Walker Samuel Private 9th

Walker E G Private 9th

Walker John Private 2nd

Walker John Private 9th

Walker A Private 5th

Walker David Private 1st

Walker Robert Private 7th

Walker William Private KOSB

Walker David CSM

Walker D CSM

Walker George Sergeant

Walker N E Lieutenant

Walker William Corporal

Walker W Private 5th

Wallace G W Private 9th

Wallace G Private

Wallace Alexander Private

Wallace John Private

Wallace John D Corporal 5th

Wallace Alexander Private

Wallace W Trp SG

Wallace J H D Corporal 5th

Walters W Private 5th

Wanless James Private

Wann Alexander Private KOSB

Ward W C Private

Ward James Private

Warden T J B Private 5th

Wardlaw Hendry Private 2nd

Warr B D Major

Wastle G Private 13th

Watson W J Private 4th

Watson T W Corporal 9th

Watson John Second Lieutenant

Watson T W Corporal 9th

Watson A E RSM

Watson W O Sergeant

Watson James Private

Watson William Private

Watson A F Second Lieutenant

Watson P Lance Corporal

Watson T Private 6th / 4th

Watson W Private 4th

Watson T Private 4th

Watson J W Private

Watson A Private 9th

Watson A Private 4th

Watson Thomas Private 5th

Watt George Lance Corporal

Watt George Lance Corporal

Watt George Lance Corporal

Watt James A Private

Watt Gordon Lance Corporal 4th

Watt Robert Corporal 5th

Watt Joseph Private 8th

Watt J Douglas Private

Watt J M Private

Watt Leonard Private 4th

Watt George Lance Corporal

Watt W Lance Corporal

Watt James Private 5th

Wattering W CSM 2nd

Watters T Private

Watts W Lance Corporal SR

Waugh J Corporal

Weatherstone D M Lieutenant

Webster James Private

Webster Archibald Private

Webster Robert Private

Weddell R Private 5th

Weighand W Private 5th

Weir John Corporal

Weir John Private Cameron Highlanders

Weir James Private

Wells Bertram Private 9th

Wells George Private 12th

Welsh W L Lance Corporal 5th

Welsh J Sergeant 5th

Welsh John Private

Welsh John Private

Welsh John Lance Corporal

Welsh J Lance Corporal

Wemyss A Second Lieutenant

West R Private 5th

West W T Private 7th

West W T Private 7th

Weston James Private

Weston Albert W Sergeant 6th , 4th

Westwater Roy K Corporal 5th

Westwater L A Second Lieutenant

Westwater George P Private 4th

Westwater Roy Kemp Corporal 5th

Wetherall A J Lieutenant 5th

Whalen M Corporal

Whannell R W Private

Whinne Michael Private 4th

White M S Private 4th

White G Private 7th

White A G Lance Corporal 7th

White Thomas Private 4th

White G Private

White W S Sergeant 5th

White Murdoch Private 4th

White G D F Lieutenant

White A S Private

White A G C Sergeant

White Benjamin Private 11th

White A Corporal

Whitelaw James A Private

Whitelaw J Private

Whitelaw Lance Corporal 7th

Whitelaw John Private 2nd

Whitelaw George N Private

Whitelaw Lance Corporal 7th

Whitelaw James A Private

Whitelaw A Private 5th

Whitelaw J Private

Whitely W J Private 9th

Whithead J O Private 5th

Whitlie N Private 5th

Whiton J Private 5th

Whittaker C B Second Lieutenant 2nd

Whittet C Private 5th

Whyman Lieutenant

Whyte R Private 7th

Whyte T Private 6th /4th

Wightman A J Captain 7th

Wightman A J Captain 7th

Wightman D Private 7th

Wilkie John K Private

Wilkie R Private 7th

Wilkie R Private 7th

Wilkie G K Second Lieutenant Seaforths

Wilkie G K Private 9th

William Keddie Private

William Keddie Private

Williams E Lance Corporal

Williams Lance Corporal

Williams Larry Private

Williams T F Private

Williamson W Private 7th

Williamson John Private 12th

Williamson W Private 7th

Williamson Alexander Private

Williamson D C Private

Williamson A Private

Williamson J A Private 7th

Williamson T Private 7th

Williamson J Private 7th

Willison J S Private 5th

Wilson A Sergeant

Wilson R D Private

Wilson George Private 7th

Wilson T S Private

Wilson Thomas Private 1st

Wilson William Private

Wilson J V Lieutenant

Wilson Alexander Private 5th

Wilson Robert Private

Wilson Thomas J Private 7th

Wilson Alexander Private 4th

Wilson J Private

Wilson A Sergeant

Wilson A F Captain 9th SR

Wilson R Lance Corporal 7th

Wilson J T R Col 5th

Wilson W Lance Corporal

Wilson W Private

Wilson T F CQMS

Wilson Robert Private

Wilson William Private 7th

Wilson James Private

Wilson James Private

Wilson David Private 9th

Wilson Victor Private 9th

Wilson A A Private 4th

Wilson James M Private 4th

Wilson H J Corporal 5th

Wilson James Lance Corporal

Wilson A A Private 4th

Wilson J T R Lt Col 9th

Wilson A C Private 6th / 4th

Wilson John K Private SR

Wilson J T R Lt Colonel 5th

Wilson William Lance Corporal

Wilson William Lance Corporal

Wilson William M Private Yorks and Lancs

Winchester H W Lieutenant

Windram A Private 5th

Winter Edward Private 16th

Winton James Private

Wishart J Private 4th

Wishart Bugle Mjr 5th

Withers D Private 4th

Wood W A Private 7th

Wood W Private 4th

Wood J B Second Lieutenant 10th GH / 4th RS

Wood J B Second Lieutenant 4th RS Pte / 10th GH

Wood J T Private 5th

Wood R Private 2nd

Wood J Sergeant 13th

Wood A Lance Corporal

Wood George Lance Corporal

Wood William Private

Wood A Lance Corporal

Wood T W Private

Wood Thomas W Private

Wood G Sergeant

Wood G Sergeant

Wood John Lance Corporal

Wood H E Private 5th

Wood George Lance Corporal

Wooton T Private 2nd

Wotherspoon A M Private ASH

Wright J Sergeant

Wright James Private 12th

Wright Charles Private

Wright F W Corporal

Wright A G Lance Corporal 9th

Wright H Private 5th

Yeats A Private 5th

Yorkston R Private

Yorkston Robert Private 5th

Yorkston Private 3rd

Young James Private 2nd

Young A Lieutenant 4th

Young Second Lieutenant

Young J Private 4th

Young James Private

Young Charles Private 9th

Young Lieutenant 7th

Young G S H Private 4th

Young Peter Private 5th

Young John Private Cameron Highlanders

Young J D Lance Corporal

Young R A Private

Young W G Lieutenant

Young Louis Captain

Young A K CQMS

Young George Lieutenant

Young James Captain

Young H Private

Young David Private

Young Alexander Private 5th

Young Andrew Private 7th

Young H Private

Young William Private HLI

Young William Private

Young Louis Lieutenant

Younger Duncan Private 4th

Yule William S Mgr RE