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Post WW2 Casualties.

Killed in Training

George D Noble - Parachute Regiment, wartime recruit served in Palestine, killed when his parachute failed to open over Salisbury Plain.


William Burnett - Killed in an ambush by dissident tribesmen two miles south-west of Dhala on the desert track to Aden near the village of Lazarbak.
Buried in Hedjiff Cemetery, Aden

Northern Ireland

John Pearson - Royal Scots -Killed between Newry & Newton Hamilton, by a roadside bomb along with David Ferguson and Roderick Bannon

John Aikman - Royal Corps of Signals - Shot dead in the border village of Newton Hamilton, County Armagh, 6th November 1973 age 25.

World War 2 casualties

William H Bonsor RAOC

Alex Burnett  SH

Peter Burnett  RS

William Campbell  QOCH

Hector C Clark ASH

John S Coleman RSF

William Currie RAF

James Dea  RN

Edward B Dick  GH

W R Dickson  FMS

William Dodds  RE

Harold Finlay  MN

Adam A Ford

James C Forrest  RN

Ronald Fraser  KOSB

Charles M Gowrie   RASC

Dixon Gair GH

John Hadden  RS

Andrew Haldane   MN

Brodie D Haldane  RAF

Robert Hails  HLI

David Hamilton RAAF

John Herbert   RN

James Holgate RE

David Hunter  RN

Alexander Hunter  SH

James F Hughes  SG

Robert L Jack

Barrie Jones   RN

George C Johnston  CSR

Zibigniew Kozlowski POL

Charles C Law

John Livingstone  SH

Douglas MacKenzie

Malcolm McLean MN

Peter J McLeod  ASH

William Meek RAF

Thomas C Moffat  RN

George Noble   PR

John B Paxton  MN

Nicol Peacock  SG

George W Raper  MN

Ninian Roberts   RSG

Richard Scott RE

William A Scott  RN

Archie Thomson  RE

David Trist  RN

John Webster  MN

Joseph White RN

Hugh Whitehead  RNPS

Andrew D Wilson  RN

William S Wilson  RN