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Miners Roll of Honour

This does not include miners who gave their lives whilst serving with HM Forces in World War One. They are covered in the WW1 Roll of Honour elsewhere on the website.

Often overlooked, neither war would have been won without the contribution of the miner underground.

World War 1

Lady Victoria

David Hare, 17th September,1914, Accident at work Age 63

Thomas Dickson, 24th September,1914, Died at Work, Age 65

David Tait, 8th June,1916, Crushed by hutch, Age 74

Peter Coleman, 23rd November, 1916, Crushed by hutch, Age 32


James Park 9th December, 1915 Fall of stone , Age 30

Robert Landells, 24th February,1916, Fall of stone, Age 50

World War 2

Lingerwood Pit

Mathew Webb Hughes 22nd May 1941, Fall of stone, Age 42

John Crawford, 11th June, 1942, Fall of stone, Age 26

Myles Gillespie, 27th January, 1943, Fall of stone age 43

Henry Boyes, 17th June, 1943, Fall of stone, Age 23

William Melville 1st March,1943 Crushed between Hutches, Age 63

James Kennedy, 26th June, 1945 Mining accident, age 25

Newbattle Pit

Alexander Burnett MM and Bar in WW1 whilst serving with 8th Royal Scots,died 21st September, 1940 Accident Age 51

Lady Victoria

Thomas Moffat, 1940, Fall of coal, age 55

Robert Pearson, 21st January, 1943 Carbon Monoxide gas, age 20

James Herriot, 27th July,1943, Fall of coal, age 28

John Hunter, (30) ,

John Steel, (42),

Daniel Walker Slater, (55),

John Rutherford

Killed in an explosion, the worst incident in the history of the pit.