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Mort pour La France

Whilst on holiday in France this year I was struck by the wide variety and sheer numbers of war memorials, as a tribute to our allies, I have made this page which features the men of Fressin in the Pas-de-Calais where I was staying. It is a small village in farming country, so to have this many men die must have had a devastating effect on the community.


The men

 Agez, Ernest

Killed in action 10/03/15


Died as a POW 1918

 Alexandre, Ferdinand

Killed in action 28/09/18

 Anselin, Jules

 Died of wounds Niueport 1915

 Bouquet, Emile


 Bouquet, Georges


 Botte, Gustav

Killed in action 06/09/14

 Bouret, Charles

 Died as a POW 1918


Killed Nov 1916 by an aircraft bomb

 Bruchet, Charles

Killed in action 19/03/15

Bruchet, Honore
Killed in action Nieuport 1915


Bruchet, Louis

Died of illness caused by service on Armistice day 11/11/18


 Bruchet, Joseph

Killed in action 19/04/16

 Bruchet, Omer

Killed in action 29/08/18

Camier, Camille

Killed in action 31/12/14

 Caudevelle, Paul

Killed in action 05/11/16

 Demagny, Joseph

Killed in action 28/05/18

 Desobry, Alfred

Died of illness caused by service 24/11/18

 Dignel, Octave

Killed in action 07/11/14

 Doliger, Jules


 Dupont, Joseph


 Framery, Amedee

Died 27/01/1918

Framery, Emile

Died of puemonia  13/09/18


Glacon, Charles

Killed in action 11/10/14


 Glacon, Jules


 Guffroy, Georges

Killed in action 18/12/17

 Guffroy, Louis


 Guffroy, Norbert

Killed in action 16/04/17

 Hiron, Louis

Died of wound 27/09/18?

 Hiel, Emile

Died of wound 13/08/18


 Livemont, Raoul

 Maillot, Louis

Killed in action 19/08/18

 Martin, Charles

Killed in action 25/11/14


 Mellier, Leon

 Mouton, Jules

Died of wound 25/02/15

 Plee, Adhemar

Died 19/0717 of variety of illness contracted on service

 Sargettier, Ferdnand

Killed in action 19/04/15?

 Tournet, Adhemar

killed in action 18/02/15?

 Warembourg, Clement

Died of Wounds 10/05/19


 Widehen, Leon

 Nezot, August

Died of wounds 12/07/18