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His Majesty's Submarine was not a very happy boat, there seems to have been a split between the Officers and Ratings which was detrimental to morale. On 1st of August ,1940 Oswald was on the surface on a dark night of the coast of Italy. She was spotted by the Italian Destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi and apparently taking no evasive or defensive action she is rammed by the destoyer and subsequently san with the loss of 3 ratings,Engine Room Articifer 2 W Chaff, Leading Steward L Woodfield and Stoker F Young, the remaining 52 becoming POWs, amongst these POWs was Stoker Herbert Scott whose mother reside in Lingerwood Road, Newtongrange. The story is a long and complicated one which ended in Boards of Enquiry, Court Martials and punishments including dismissal from the service of the Captain Lt Cmdr David A. Fraser RN There is an excellent article covering the whole incident on the Barrow in Furness branch of the Submariners website entitled HM Submarine OSWALD lost in 1940 , well worth a read to get the full story. Whatever else happened that night it was noted "Item 4. While much that is unsatisfactory has been brought to light, there is little doubt that commendable courage and devotion to duty was shown by many of the HMS Oswald’s company on the occasion of her sinking."