Royal Scots Royal Scots Alexander Forbes 5th RS Killed in action with 13th Battalion September , 1917. Courtesy Tim Price 33634600 2/5th Royal Scots Courtesy Tim Price. Possibly outside the 5th Drill Hall at Forrest Hill. This photo may be pre war. 33633236 5th Royal Scots Courtesy Tim Price. A fine shot showing some of the sporting Imperial Service badges and blackened buttons, suggesting this is an early war photo. 33633238 Officers of the 6th RS 32830565 Robert Graham Leith 1915 7th Royal Scots Courtesy of Max Espie 21647467 8th Royal Scots Pre War Maxim Team In now familiar slouch hats, one of my collection 22639848 Trio and Military Medal Awarded to Pte / Cpl George Denholm 8th Battalion Royal Scots, and now the prized possession of website member Davie Hill. 22161716 8th Royal Scots Servicing Maxims Possibly pre war, the wagon is Great Western Railways (trust me) , I think the chap on the right with his back to us could be George Souness. 22639849 8th Royal Scots Pre War Camp The officer in this photo features in a good few I have, he appears to be improperly dressed! 22639850 Pte T (M) or (W) Scott 8th Royal Scots Certainly a 8th RS hence the pick and rifle, I cant pinpoint him though. 22639851 8th RS in service dress More practical for service at the front 22639852 David Calder 8th RS David is wearing a kilt as he was appointed a 51st Highland Division PT Instructor 22639859 Our Indian Allies A group of 8th RS 'somewhere in France' with a group of men from the sub-continent. 22639854 William Sked MM 8th Royal Scots Native of Loanhead / Wallyford 32147227 Acting the goat This shows a goat 'liberated' by a young lad from the 8th RS. It maybe the one that featured in a story in the Dalkeith Advertiser, it was caught stealing food from the men. I wondered what happened to it? 32830566 8th Shoulder Title 22639853 8th Royal Scots MG teams This was probably taken early,1915. The picture is ropey but I don't think they have their pioneer tags yet. Courtesy George Souness 22823272 Robert Melvin Forbes 9th Royal Scots . Taken Patersons 31 Gt Junction St Leith Courtesy of Max Espie 21648623 8th RS John Souness Brother of George Souness, kia 1915 33655601 Group of 9th Royal Scots Nice group shot of 9th lads at leisure 22639861 9th Royal Scots With Auld Reekie the ambulance 22639858 Not Royal Scots But the lad on the front row right, Peter Bourhill would be commissioned into the Royal Scots, nice shot though 22639860 9th RS Man with medal circa 1919 32145612 RS man with Imperial Service badge From one of the TF Battalions, this could be from the 5th to 10th inclusive 32145609 9th RS Two very young looking members with Imperial Service badges 33633237 10th RS at Berwick 1915 33633280 11th Royal Scots Maxim Teams 22639855 Pte Joe Dow 10th RS 38730213 18214 John N Marshall Dundee 15th Royal Scots Courtesy of Max Espie 21648615 Pte R Daily 15.Royal Scots Courtesy of Max Espie 21648613 18680 Pte Harry A Martin, 18679 Pte John Kidd Killed in France 1917 15th Royal Scots Courtesy of Max Espie 21648614 A young lad KIA 26/04/1918 possibly this man Name: LIDDELL, JAMES Initials: J Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Private Regiment/Service: Royal Scots Unit Text: "A" Coy. 12th Bn. Age: 18 Date of Death: 26/04/1918 Service No: 51617 Additional information: Son of John and Annie Adamson Liddell, of 325, Hawthorn St., Possilpark, Glasgow. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 11 to 14 and 162. Memorial: TYNE COT MEMORIAL 32145610 Working party of Royal Scots Unknown Battalion 22639862 Miners to Soldiers This group of lads ,who were photographed literally at the back of my house ,joined up together 22639856 Three Amigos And here they are 'somewhere in France' an unusual pair of photos. 22639857 Recruiting Team 1915 In the High Street, Edinburgh 32145611 Unknown soldier Royal Scots This picture was popped through my door one day, I have no idea who he is. Presumably he has a connection with Newtongrange 22639865 Fixed Bayonets These two shots taken somewhere in Scotland , show a group of civilians 'under escort' I thought they maybe recruits at first but they maybe aliens under arrest. 22639863 Fixed Bayonets 2 22639864 32145613