Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

 Now featuring Scots in the Great War Living History Society.    


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Reply george souness
6:22 AM on September 5, 2021 
If you access the Great War Forum.
Look for a thread entitled "Help to identify Regiment & Battalion please" posted by Simon J Emmerson on 4 September 2021 you should see a group photo of Sergeants who have been identified as 8th Royal Scots(I reckon the one standing on the right on the rear rank is George)
You may be able to identify some others
Reply SteveMcK
8:42 AM on February 11, 2020 
A fantastic website and such a valuable resource . I am still researching my grandfather David Baird Young's service with the Royal Scots, believed to have been in the Dandy Ninth, ( Signaler ). Thank you for including me.
12:37 PM on July 11, 2019 
Great Site,
I managed to buy JSD Baigrie?s medal online, then find loads of info on this site.
Also see a photo of him to put a face to the name
Reply Boss man John
3:00 PM on October 7, 2014 
John Todd:
max espie:
An outstanding site, with this kind of dedication to the memory of the local soldiers the history lives on. 18-Dec-08
Just wanted to say what a wonderful website this is! 02-Mar-09
Tony Smithers:
Excellent. I appreciate the amount of work and dedication that you have put into this wonderful and informative site. 09-Apr-09
Paul Nixon:
John, hello again. Hope you don't mind but I've 'borrowed' your image of the BWM to illustrate a topic on my British Army Medals site. I've given a link back to your excellent site. If there's a problem with this, can you let me know through GWF or the Chailey site please.

Best wishes - keep up the good work.

Paul Nixon 22-Jun-09
Helen Szafer:
John Duncan has not only done a great job with this site (and I know how long the research can take as I have been researching my family Lockhart history (Lockharts from Dalkeith, Newtongrange and Lasswade) but he has helped me out with my research with only the promise of a beer as payment. It must be so comforting to veterans to know that sacrifices made in the wars never go forgotten.

Any information on the aforementioned Lockharts would be gratefully received. 20-Jul-09
Billy Forbes:
John come back on the site for a look through your updated information, keep up the good work nice to pop in and see all the new info. 29-Nov-09
Stevie McD:
Thanks for the interesting read. It brings it home a bit more when the focus is on individual people and their sacrifices. 14-Jan-10
Frank Sullivan:
A Fantastic site must have took some work 20-Sep-10
Frank Sullivan:
A Fantastic site must have took some work 20-Sep-10
John :
A fantastic site, I saved your page in my favourites way back when you must have first started...
You are doing a great job remembering all our hero's from the First World War.
Thank you so much. 21-Oct-10
Billy Forbes:
Hi John

It's Paul Forbes dad Billy was wondering if you could help, noticed you were on the great war forum discussing my wife's grandfather private James Flynn 350875.
Was wondering if you could help and advise me how to go about getting a copy of his citation for his DCM if possible.
Also noticed that you have found a picture of him in the star team 1919-1920 was wondering if you get get me a copy of this which I would be grateful for and let me know the cost.
Oh for a picture of him in his uniform 10-Feb-11
Wendy Eardley:
Can you tell me where you got the information for the Nominal Roll Index. You have my Great Great Uncle as AWOL. I have no record of this and would like to know more. Many thanks.

Wendy 11-Feb-11
Reply Boss man John
2:59 PM on October 7, 2014 
Raymond Bell:
Excellent presentations

Dinger 01-Mar-08
thomas conlan:
i worked in duncans 1952 with bill ronaldson he married a higgison fit o nitten the meickles were the roll laddies two neilson girls worked in the shop 15-Mar-08
Hi Thomas , thanks for leaving a message in the book, I think Bill Ronaldson was possibly the new owner, my Grandad Johnnie had died the previous year. My dad remembers the roll laddies and the Neilson girls he would have only been 15 himself at the time,I seem to recall my Granny saying that she wanted the old staff kept on. - John Duncan 17-Mar-08
Ed Robinson:
Incredible amount of research that you have done. I found your web page when I was researching Cpl Peter CORNWALL MM. 8th Batt RS.

Most impressed

From Perth Australia. 23-Mar-08
Thank you very much Ed, if you would like to email me via the contact us link, I can put you in touch with a relative of Peter in Scotland - John 23-Mar-08
George Souness:
Fantastic Web-Site and I am glad to have been able to assist.You never know, they may spur someone more local to unearth some treasured photos in their loft. 21-Jun-08
Thank you for your kind words George, I hope it will indeed encourage to rake about their lofts as you suggest.

John 28-Jun-08
George S:
Just "passing" through.
I still hope the Locals will "combat" the Haddington mob.
G 09-Aug-08
Charles Sandbach:
Thanks for the superb and dedicated efforts in honour of the two forgotten soldier's, Gnr. Vasiliy Nikitenko MM and Cpl. Robert Beveridge MM. They are now at peace, thanks in great part to you. 17-Aug-08
Thank you very much for the kind words Charles, it was an honour and a privilege to have been involved. Both men now have the recognition for their sacrifice they deserve.
Reply Boss man John
2:59 PM on October 7, 2014 
Robert Ferguson:
The Baigrie brothers William and John were my great uncles and I have visited Johns grave in France. It was fantastic to visit your website and read a letter that my Nana [Jessie] wrote about her youth and two brothers. It was like she was here again.

This site is special and what a wonderful job you have done completing this. I will remain an active user.

My best regards,

Robert Ferguson 27-Nov-07
Robert , thank you very much for your kind remarks, I must confess that this has been an amazing journey for me, meeting and hearing from the relatives of these men. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 28-Nov-07
James , are you by any chance the grandson of Jimmy Dunachie from the Main Street, if so I knew your late Granddad and he stayed in my Great Grandfathers old house opposite the miners institute. 28-Nov-07
james dunachie:
eltoro, yes jimmy was my granddad, what is ur name as i still stay on the main street near the top end now!
i never got to meet my granddad as i was just a baby when he past away but my mum tells me stories about him.
i have still got some of his belongings from when he was in the royal navy. 02-Dec-07
stephen c dickson:
I am currently investigating 15th and 16th Royal Scots
James Whitehead's serial number was 19394...he is listed "wounded" on 1.7.16 in Scotsman 31-Jan-08
Thomas Noel Conlan:
a lot of history in Newtongrange you dont know about 06-Feb-08
Reply Boss man John
2:58 PM on October 7, 2014 
David Agnew:
Very well researched site, looking forward to seeing the rest of the men 'appear'. It must be a huge amount of work. 05-Apr-07
Gus Nicol:
Excellent site, invaluble information for those researching the lives of their ancestors. 05-Jul-07
Tony Davidson:
Great site,well layed out and a joy to delve through lots of interestin info.
Well done. 08-Jul-07
Graeme Roberts:
Cracking site ! Recommended by a friend and well worth the visit. 09-Jul-07
Tam McIntosh:
Nice sight , very interesting, any plans to do one on Dalkeith at all? 26-Jul-07
John Duncan:
A Dalkeith site might be an option in the future, but not for a while. Thanks for asking. 10-Aug-07

Billy Forbes:
Came back on the site for a wee glimpse nice to see the updated info and great to have a glance through it and look at the new pictures put on the site. 03-Oct-07
james dunachie:
In the nominal roll there is a solider named dominic dunachie which is the correct spelling as this is my great-grandfather.james,18yrs 07-Nov-07
Avril Armstrong:
Wonderful site - currently researching Lumsden/McBean ancestors - all in this area late 1800's - got carried away with this superb insight of that time. 12-Nov-07
Val Mcilreavy:
A very interesting and moving site - i'll be returning here often. Thank you. 23-Nov-07
Reply John Duncan
2:56 PM on October 7, 2014 
steve pollard:
very glad to have seen it , impressive 07-Nov-06
Ian Turner:
John, glad to see the image of Pte Gibson on your website looking good. I still cannot get over the closeness in number with my grandfather, S/26900. Were they at Cromarty together? Did they go to France together? Guess we'll not know now, but must be a good chance. Ian (GWF) 29-Dec-06
Arthur Fisher:
Very detailed and moving site, well done. 12-Jan-07
Arthur Fredericks:
Very nice site keep up the good work, so many men from small villages. 24-Jan-07
Aly Gaff:
John, you've put together an excellent site, very informative, will help you regarding Newtongrange star F.C in the war as much as i can.
Dave Mruk:
Hi John. Excellent research. The section on the "Russian Poles" is a most welcome addition.
Best Wishes, Dave 15-Feb-07
Billy Forbes :
Just come on to my sons teams website and have found this really interesting, it's a pity my wife's father who served as a paratrooper and served in the SAS during the second world war couldn't use a computer better i think he would really enjoy this.
Excellent piece of work well done. 27-Feb-07
Billy Forbes :
My wife Lorna's granddad and Paul Forbes the stars left back's great granddad Private James Flynn 350875
served in the Royal Scots and received the Distinguished Conduct Medal serving in the first world war for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.
He was the first man to reach a strong point held by ten of the enemy.
He showed great courage and initiative bombing the occupants and killing seven of them.
He succeeded in capturing the position single handed. 01-Mar-07
Aly Gaff:
Your have all the committee and Star fans laughing into their beer, you calling me a local man, I'm a townie John and don't they remind me. Best wishes. 02-Mar-07
John Duncan:
Ally, you hide it well being a townie, its' no your fault your not a 'bull' 02-Mar-07
Jim Robertson:
Really enjoyed this site, first class. I stay in England now but come from Dalkeith originally. Nice to see the men remembered. 03-Mar-07
Robert Thompson:
Excellent site, lots of interesting stuff! Particularly like the 'book' format ,very much in tune with the period. 12-Mar-07
Reply John Duncan
2:52 PM on October 7, 2014 
I have had to delete my old guest book unfortunately due to spammers, I will post the previous comments here, thank you for posting them and sorry for deleting the old guestbook, but this is the only way I can reinstate them.