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VAD: Voluntary Aid Detachment and the nurses thereof.
Vakhmistre : Russian sergeant of cavalry.
Valise: Knapsack of kitbag.
Vareuse: Tunic.
VB: French rifle-grenade.
VCO: Viceroy’s Commissioned Officer.
Vermorel Sprayer: crop sprayer used to disperse gas.
Very Light: Signal flare.
VGO: Versuchsbau Gotha Ost, German manufacturer of aircraft.
Vickers FB-5 ‘Gunbus’: British fighter/light bomber used from 1915-16.
Vickers FB-12: British fighter used from 1916.
Vickers FB-19: British fighter never used on the Western Front.
Vickers Gun: Adapted British version of the Maxim Gun.
Villar Perosa Gun: Italian submachine gun with twin barrels.
Vodnik : Serbian lieutenant.
Voisko : Cossack group.
Voivode : ‘leader’, Serbian C-in-C.
Voisin Bombers: Series of French biplane bombers.
Vrille: To dive an aircraft under control.