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U-Boat: Allied term for German submarines, derived from Unterseeboot, the German for submarine.
UB-Boats: Small submarine used for local patrols.
Uberlandwagen : Transport vehicle with a tanks base.
UC-Boats: Small German submarine minelayers.
UD: Unterkunfts-Departement, Quartering Department of the German War Ministry.
Ufag C-I: Austrian reconnaissance biplane.
Uhlan : German lancer.
Ulanka : German lancer’s tunic.
Uncle Charlie: Full load of equipment.
Unditching Beam: Iron reinforced wood used for unditching tanks.
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare: The practice of using submarines to attack anything, civilian craft as well as military ones.
Unteroffizier : German NCO.
Umpty Poo: A bit more.
Up the Jigger: In the trenches.
Uryadnik : Cossack sergeant.
USW: Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.
USAAS: United States Army Air Service.