Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

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Talpack: Belgium artillery busby.
Tank: Armoured, usually tracked vehicles mounting machine guns and larger ordnance.
Tank Field Company: Unit which salvages damaged/stuck tanks.
Tankschrecken: Tank Fear.
Tapes: Used to mark out the start line or direction of an attack.
Tassie: Tasmanian.
Taube: 1. Austrian reconnaissance monoplane. 2. German for any monoplane.
TB: Torpedo Boat.
TBD: Torpedo Boat Destroyer.
Tchete: Montenegrin company.
Teddy-bear: British goatskin jerkin.
Terps: Interpreter.
Terrier: One of the British Territorial Force.
Têtes de veaux: Slang for troops in penal battalions.
Teufel-hunden: ‘Devil Dogs’, German slang for US Marines.
Third Supreme Command: German Military-Industrial dictatorship from August 1916 to September 28th 1918.
Three Blue Lights: Something that won’t happen.
Tickler: 1. Jam 2. Home-made grenades.
Tictac: Signallers.
Tin hat: Colloquialism for a steel helmet.
Tin whistle: The Breguet 1914 aircraft.
TJ: Tirolean Jägers.
TM: British for Trench Mortar, French for ‘section de transport de matériel’, transport service for equipment.
TMB: Trench Mortar Battery.
Toc emma: Trench-mortar.
Toffee-apple: A mortar bomb with a shaft.
Tommy: Slang for British soldiers. Sometimes bread.
Tommy Atkins: Slang for British soldiers.
Tommy Bar: The spanner used for assembling/disassembling grenades.
Tommy Cooker: Portable stove.
Toot Sweet: Quick!
Torpedo Boat: Fast craft used to carry and launch torpedoes against larger ships.
Torpedo Boom: 6 foot piece of wood used for unditching tanks.
Tot: An issue of rum, usually 1/8th pint.
Tour: Front line service.
Town Major: Officer responsible for billets in a town.
TP: Section de transport de personnel, transport service for personnel.
Tracer: Glowing ammunition used to aid aiming.
Tractor Aircraft: Those aircraft with the engine and propeller mounted at the front; differed from ‘Pusher’ planes.
Tranchée de depart: French front line trench.
Tranchée doublement: French second line trench.
Tranchée soutien: French support trench.
Traverse: The sharp angles in a trench designed to minimize damage from shell bursts and enfilade fire.
Traversor Mat: Metal mat used to cross barbed wire.
Trench: At their most basic, connected holes in the ground in which soldiers sheltered.
Trench Coat: Short, sometimes waterproof, coat.
Trench Fever: Illness similar to influenza, caused by lice.
Trench Foot: Fungal foot infection caused by wet and cold conditions.
Tricoteuse: French slang for artillery.
Triple Alliance: The alliance of German, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
Triple Entente: The alliance of Britain, France and Russia.
Tromblon: Discharger for a rifle grenade.
Trooper: Cavalry private.
Trou de Loup: ‘Wolf Pit’, defensive pit.
Tumpline: Canadian style of carrying equipment: pack supported by a rope/strap round the head.
Turco: Slang for French North African tirailleur.
Turkish Delight: Turkish shrapnel shell.