Newbattle at War a history of the Parish at war   

 Now featuring Scots in the Great War Living History Society.    

Nachrichtenwesen : The German signals service.
Naik: Indian corporal of infantry.
Napoo: finished.
Narednik: Serbian sergeant.
NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer.
Nichevo: finished.
Naval Mines: Floating bombs, the majority of which were triggered by contact.
Nieuport 10: French reconnaissance biplane also used by the British and Italians during the early war.
Nieuport 11: French fighter also used by the British and Italians.
Nieuport 12: French reconnaissance biplane used from 1915-16.
Nieuport 16: French fighter biplane used during 1916.
Nieuport 17: French fighter biplane, first used in 1916.
Nieuport 24: French fighter also used by Britain and America, introduced in 1918.
Nieuport 27: French fighter also used in small numbers by Britain, Italy and America during the late war.
Nieuport 28: French fighter mainly used by America in 1918.
Nijnichin: Russian private.
Nizam: The Turkish regular army.
No Man’s Land: The ground between opposing lines of trenches.
Noper / Noperforce: North Persian Force.
Norman Thompson NT: Series of British flying boats.
Northern Barrage: An Allied attempt to block the northern end of the North Sea with minefields.
Number Nine: British laxative pill.
Numnah: Cover for a horse’s back.
NYD: ‘Not Yet Diagnosed’.
NZEF: New Zealand Expeditionary Force.
NZMR: New Zealand Mounted Rifles.
NZRB: New Zealand Rifle Brigade.