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Macaroni: Colloquialism for Italians.
Macchi M-5: Italian fighter flying boat.
Maconochie: Tinned stews.
Mafeesh : UK and ANZAC slang for ‘nothing’.
Magyar: Hungarian.
Maidan: Open area/parade ground.
M and V: A tinned meat and vegetables ration.
Marlin Gun: A light version of the American Colt-Browning machine gun used on aircraft.
Marrons : ‘chestnuts’, French colloquialism for bullets.
Marsch : Austrian unit of reinforcements.
Martinsyde G-100: British escort fighter/bomber aircraft.
Martinsyde S-1: British scout biplane used in the early war.
Mas Boats: Italian torpedo boats.
Maschinengewehr 08: The standard machinegun of the German army, an almost exact copy of the Maxim gun.
Maschinengewehr 08/15: Stripped down version of the Maschineengewehr 08 intended as a more mobile weapon, but used mainly in defence and anti-aircraft roles.
Maschinengewehr 08/18: A portable, air cooled version of the standard German machine gun, introduced in 1918.
Massey-Harris: Canadian slang for cheese.
Maternity Jacket: Jacket worn by the RFC.
Maxim Gun: The first automatic machine gun ever invented, used by American forces and in ‘modified’ versions by Britain, Germany and Russia.
MC: Military Cross.
MCA: ‘Magasin central automobile’, French motor repair depot.
MD: Medicine and Duty, a designation for small illnesses.
MEF: Mediterranean expeditionary force.
Mehmedchik : Turkish slang for soldiers.
Mespot: Shortened version of Mesopotamia.
MFW: Märkische-Flugzeugwerke, German manufacturer of aircraft.
MG: Machine gun.
MGC: Machine-gun Corps.
MGD: Militär-General-Direktion, German military railway service.
MGGS: Major-General General Staff.
MGK: Maschinengewehr Kompagnie, German machine-gun company.
MGO: Machine-gun officer.
MGRA: Major-General Royal Artillery.
Mick: Slang for Irishman or soldier from an Irish unit.
Mills Bomb: The standard British hand grenade.
Minelayers: Any ship used for laying mines at sea.
Minenwerfer: ‘Mine Thrower’, A short range mortar used for supporting infantry attacks.
Minnie: Colloquialism for a trench mortar.
Mitrailleuse : Machine gun.
Mladachi unteroffizier : Russian corporal.
MM: Military medal.
MMGG: Motor-Machine Gun Corps.
MO: Medical officer.
Moir: Type of British pillbox made from concrete.
Monitors: A class of ship designed for work in rivers or coastal areas.
Monkey Meat: US slang for a particularly unsavoury French ration.
Mop Down: To drink.
Mop Up: To attack enemy strong points bypassed by an earlier attack.
Morane-Saulnier A-1: French monoplane fighter used in early 1918.
Morane-Saulnier BB: French reconnaissance biplane used between late 1915 and 1917.
Morane-Saulnier L ‘Parasol’: French ‘high wing’ monoplane used for reconnaissance and light bombing.
Morane-Saulnier N ‘Parasol’: French ‘mid wing’ monoplane fighter/escorts.
Mörser : Mortars, although the British classed them as heavy howitzers.
Mortar: Short muzzled, high trajectory, muzzle loading artillery pieces often used for close infantry support.
MOTH: Memorable Order of Tin Hats, South African ex-service organisation.
MT: Motor Transport.
Muckim : Butter.
Mufti: Civilian dress.
Mulligan: US and Canadian slang for stew.
Musketen-Bataillone : German automatic rifle units.
Mutt and Jeff: The British War and Victory medals.