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LAB: Light Armoured Battery, British unit of armoured cars.
LACB: Light Armoured Car Battery, British unit of armoured cars.
Lakenpatscher: 'Puddle splasher', German nickname for infantry.
LAMB: Light Armoured Motor Battery, British unit of armoured cars.
Lance-daffadar : Indian corporal of cavalry.
Lance-naik : Indian lance-corporal of infantry.
Landsturm : German and Austria-Hungary militia.
Landwehr : For Germany, reserve units, for Austria-Hungary the national forces, not the regular army.
Larrigan: Canadian waterproof boot.
LE: Luft-Einschiess, 'aerial ranging', ammunition which emitted white smoke to assist in ranging other weaponry.
Le Prieur Rockets: Rockets attached to aircraft for attacking and igniting zeppelins and other airships.
Lea: Luftschiffer-Ersatz-Abteilungen, German balloon units.
Leap-frog: Tactic whereby the first wave of an assault hold their objective and a second wave passes them by to attack the second objective.
Lehr-Kompagnie : German teaching company.
Lewis Gun: An allied light machine gun using a characteristic disc shaped magazine.
LFG: Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft, German plane manufacturer.
LFH: 'Leicht Feldhaubitze', German light howitzer.
LG: Lewis Gun, a light machine gun.
Lifebuoy: British slang for a Wex flamethrower.
Lifting barrage: An artillery bombardment which moves forward.
Light Duty: Jobs given to the injured and recovering.
Limogé : French slang for being relieved of command.
Line: The front line. Going 'down the line' was going away from the front, going 'up the line' was moving closer to the front.
Linienschiff : German battleship.
Listening Post: Sentry post located far forward of the front line.
Litzen : Loops of lace on certain German uniforms.
Lloyd C-Types: Austro-Hungarian reconnaissance biplane; later models were armed.
L of CL: 1. Line of Communication 2. L of C troops were units outside of the normal brigade structure.
Löhner C–I: Austro-Hungarian reconnaissance biplane.
Löhner L: Austro-Hungarian flying boat.
Long horn: Aircraft with skids.
Long tom: An artillery gun with a long barrel.
Loose: Slang for a thief.
LP / L-Pip: Listening Post.
LS: 'Licht-Spur', 'Luminous Trace', German armour piercing tracer ammo.
LSB: Landsturmbataillone, Austro-Hungarian Landsturm battalion.
Luger: The standard pistol of the German army.
LVG: German manufacturer of aircraft.
LVG B-Type: Series of unarmed German biplanes used for reconnaissance and training.
LVG C-Type: Series of armed German reconnaissance and light bombing airplanes.
LZ: 1. German manufacturer of zeppelins 2. Start of zeppelin’s code names.